This Is What The Winners Of “The Biggest Loser” Look Like Today

In 2004 at the height of reality television, a competition show unlike anything viewers had ever seen debuted. The Biggest Loser followed six male and six female contestants as they trained, dieted, (and cried a lot) with the goal of losing as much weight as possible.

The show lasted 17 seasons and many speculate that the reason it eventually got canceled was that a National Institute of Health study showed many constants gained back all the weight. While some of them managed to keep the weight off and live a health-conscious life, some of them ended up heavier than they were before. Read on to see how the winners of every season have faired since their time on the show.

Read on to see what the first female winner of The Biggest Loser looks like today.

Ryan Benson

biggest loser 1
Inside Edition/YouTube & @ryancbenson/Twitter

Benson was the first winner of The Biggest Loser in its inaugural season. At the start of the competition, he weighed over 300 pounds. Five months of grueling workouts and dieting later, he lost 122 pounds to weight in at 208.

Sadly, as soon as he left the show he slipped back into old habits. In five years time, Benson weighed more than 350 pounds. In 2017 he started dieting again but in a sustainable way, and has taken up running and cycling.

Matt Hoover

biggest loser 2
OWN/YouTube & @hoovermama/Instagram

Hoover was crowned the winner of the 2nd season of The Biggest Loser when he dropped 157 pounds. He took home the grand cash prize but he also took home a different prize: during his time on the show he and runner-up Suzy Preston fell in love.

The two left the show, got married, and now have two happy and healthy boys. He gained back most of the weight almost immediately after but today he is staying healthy in different ways and recently competed in the Iron Man Competition.

Suzy Preston

biggest loser 3
OWN/YouTube & @mamahoover/Instagram

What about the wife and runner-up of season 2 winner Matt Hoover? Suzy Preston lost a total of 95 pounds on the show but after the two left the studios, she gained back nearly 40 pounds. For Suzy, none of that mattered because she’d found the love of her life. When talking about the connection years later, she said, “I saw him at his worst…and he saw me at my worst.”

Today, despite gaining back the weight, Suzy loves to cycle, run, and cheer on her two sons at their hockey games.

Suzy didn’t win but keep reading to see how beautiful Ali Vincent looks today.

Erik Chopin

biggest loser 4
@ErikChopin/Twitter & @CoreFitnessNY/YouTube

Since winning the 3rd season of The Biggest Loser, Erik Chopin has continued to struggle with his weight. To win the season, he dropped an incredible 214 pounds. Then, within two years, Chopin said he had gained it all back plus another 25 pounds.

He went on to struggle re-losing the weight in the documentary Confessions of a Reality Show Loser. As of 2011, he’s working as a spin instructor and has brought his weight down to 245 pounds.

Bill Germanakos

biggest loser 5
@ENews/Twitter & @BiggestLoser4BG/Twitter

After losing 164 pounds to be crowned the winner of season 4, Bill Germanakos faced a similar challenge as the previous winners. He told Today that he felt like “a morbidly obese person in a fit body” and that he was “hungry all the time.”

While he did regain some weight after leaving, he’s worked to maintain a healthy size and now clocks in at around 215 pounds, which means he’s managed to keep 120 pounds off successfully!

Ali Vincent
Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The first female winner of The Biggest Loser ended up losing 112 pounds from her start weight of 234 pounds. After the show, she was also one of the few successful contestants to keep the weight off. That is, until, 2015 when the weight started coming back.

Vincent revealed the sad story behind the weight gain on OWN’s Where Are They Now. She explained that she had been sexually assaulted that year and used eating and drinking as a way to repress the ordeal. Since 2015, she’s turned things around, runs a lifestyle blog, gotten married, and welcome twin boys.

The woman coming up was the oldest contestant to win and her transformation is stunning.

Michelle Aguilar

biggest loser 7
@enews/Twitter & @michelleaguilarbl6/Instagram

The season 6 winner of The Biggest Loser reportedly lost 45% of her body weight during the show. What happened after the show for Michelle Aguilar is a mystery though since she now chooses to measure her health through feelings rather than a number on the scale.

In 2019, she shared on Instagram that the hardest part was making the right choices. Since “a candy bar is just 99 cents away” that is “when the struggle really comes in.” By the looks of it though she’s happy and healthy.

Helen Phillips

biggest loser 8
@angelciado/Twitter & Helen Phillips/Facebook

Phillips, the female winner of season 7, not only lost 140 pounds but was the oldest person to ever win the competition. She said she was only expecting to lose 50 or 60 pounds and was shocked at what she actually shed.

Phillips has kept a pretty low profile since her major win by only posting the occasional selfie but she definitely appears to be living a healthy life after the show.

Danny Cahill

biggest loser 9

The winner of season 8 of The Biggest Loser shed an incredible 239 pounds to snag the title. He left the show feeling “like a million bucks” but by 2016, he admitted to having gained back nearly 100 pounds.

The reason? His metabolism basically shut down. To lose weight while on the show, Cahill was only eating 800 calories per day. When he left the show and returned to a normal diet and the pounds packed back on with ease. He’s been slowly working the pounds back off while working as a motivational speaker.

Keep reading to see one of the few contestants who managed to lose even more weight after leaving the show.

Michael Ventrella

biggest loser 10
The Official Michael Ventrella/Facebook

At the start of season 9, Ventrella was the heaviest person to ever compete on the show. He weighed 526 pounds and lost 262 of those. The dramatic change in weight also meant a dramatic change in lifestyle when he left The Biggest Loser.

Ventrella quickly packed on 20 pounds but decided to shift his focus from losing weight to bodybuilding. He now works for a weight loss product company and hits the gym frequently.

Patrick House

biggest loser 11
Patrick House Biggest Loser Season 10/Facebook & @PatrickBL10/Twitter

After losing 205 pounds to be crowned the season 10 winning of The Biggest Loser, Patrick House says that without the show he could be dead. House was more than 400 pounds when the show started. He did gain nearly 50 pounds back after the show but he blames it on himself.

In 2017, he confirmed that he’s working on his diet, competing in marathons, and “continues to embrace an active lifestyle.”

Olivia Ward

biggest loser 12

Ward premiered on the 11th season of The Biggest Loser weighing 261 pounds. By the end of it, she weighed a mere 132 pounds. Miraculously, she’s one of the few winners who has managed to keep all her weight off and lose more!

Not only has Ward kept the weight off, but she now works as a senior SoulCycle instructor trying to help others achieve what she never thought she could do herself.

You might remember the contestant coming up after she shocked audiences by becoming too skinny.

John Rhode

biggest loser 13
John Rhode/Facebook

The winner of season 12, John Rhode, started the competition weighing 445 pounds. When he was crowned the winner, he weighed only 215 pounds. The change was dramatic but that left him to gain back 50 pounds when he left.

That weight gain didn’t stop Rhode and in 2014, he became the owner of a CrossFit gym in Arizona. He now reportedly weighs between 225 and 230, depending on what training regimen he’s following at the time.

Jeremy Britt

biggest loser 14
Jeremy Britt/Facebook

At the end of season 13, Jeremy Britt walked away 199 pounds lighter than when he started. After being crowned the winner, he was asked what steps he’d take to keep the weight off and he said he’d “do something that keeps me in the public eye, it just keeps me accountable.”

Since the season though he’d dropped out of the public eye and seems to be busy raising his four children and working as a mortgage consultant.

Danni Allen

Trae Patton / NBC

Starting her journey at 258 pounds and ending at 137, the season 14 winner Danni Allen has done an excellent job at staying happy and healthy after the show. She did end up gaining 10 pounds back but she attributes that to muscle, not fat.

She’s the co-owner of a yoga and fitness studio and now spends her time encouraging others to get fit and change their life for the better.

Rachel Frederickson

biggest loser 17

The season 15 winner was one of the most controversial in the show’s history. She went from 260 pounds to 105 pounds and many people thought she slimmed down too much. People even speculated an eating disorder but she’s denied it all.

Since her time on the show, Frederickson has admitted she maybe got a little “too enthusiastic” with her workouts on the show but that she’s been able to maintain a healthy weight.

Toma Dobrosavljevic

biggest loser 18

After being named the winner of season 16, Dobrosavljevic admitted that he still had “a hard time recognizing” himself. He started out the season at 366 pounds and lost more than 200 of that.

One year later, Dobrosavljevic admitted he was gaining some of the weight back so he started a diet bet. Since then, he hasn’t spoken publicly about his weight but isn’t afraid to share some photos from time to time.

Roberto Hernandez

biggest loser 19

Weighing in at 348 pounds at the start of the show, Hernandez became the 17th and final winner of The Biggest Loser. After dropping 160 pounds, he left the show and quickly jumped up another 40 pounds. Hernandez never seemed worried though, and attributed the weight to carbs and building muscle.

He disclosed that keeping the weight off was harder than shedding it in the first place, but that he’s committed to the challenge and still hits up the gym.

Now that you know where all the winners from previous seasons are today on their weight loss journey, check out how the runner-ups and most memorable constants are doing.

Luis Hernandez

biggest loser 21

Luis came in as the runner up on the final season of The Biggest Loser. He competed alongside his twin brother Roberto. Unlike Roberto, who gained back much of the weight, Luis was awarded the at-home prize. The prize is given to the contestant who keeps off the most weight after the show.

Since the show, Luis admitted to gaining some weight back but focusing on food, fitness, and completing his first marathon has helped him succeed.

Kai Hibbard

biggest loser 20
@TheImproperMag/Twitter & @kaihibbard/Instagram

The runner-up on season 3 of The Biggest Loser impressed us all by losing 118 pounds over the course of the show. Kai Hibbard made waves after, however, when she revealed the show was all a lie.

Hibbard said that the “weekly results” were often longer than a week apart and that she would dehydrate before weigh-ins. Unsurprisingly, she gained back a fair share of the weight after the show but has shed it again in a more healthy way. Now, she works as an activist for physical and mental health.

Conda Britt

biggest loser 15

Conda Britt is the sister of season 13 winner Jeremy Britt. The two went on the show as a brother-sister team and both of them made it to the finale but Jeremy won out over her. She started the show at 285 pounds and lost 115 pounds over the course of the show.

Conda has done better than her brother at maintaining her weight loss and is staying active juggling motherhood, school, and a career.

Gina McDonald

biggest loser 22

Season 14 contestant Gina McDonald credits the support of her husband with her being able to lose the weight on the show and keep it off. When she arrived on The Biggest Loser, McDonald weighed 245 pounds. She didn’t win the season but she won the At-Home Prize thanks to her ongoing fitness routine.

The busy lawyer says her husband’s constant support and ability to keep the fridge stocked with healthy food is how she kept the weight off.

Tumi Oguntala

biggest loser 23
Tumi Oguntala/Facebook

This season 15 winner postponed her wedding to be on The Biggest Loser and it paid off. When she joined the show she weighed 319 pounds and dropped 166 of those. She didn’t win the season but her personal goals inspired her to keep the weight off after the show.

Oguntala said she wanted to have kids but didn’t want to die early after starting a family. Years after the show, she’s finally married and said the competitive side of fitness keeps her motivated. She now even runs marathons on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Jordan Alicandro

biggest loser 24
@screenertv/Twitter & @joralicandro/Instagram

Alicandro was 31 years old and 323 pounds going into season 16 of The Biggest Loser. The former college baseball player had his dreams ripped away from him after an injury and then the subsequent weight gain. After losing 143 pounds, he even missed the birth of his newborn son to lose the weight.

The contestant is one of the few who has kept the weight off. Now a youth pastor and father of four, Alicandro hits the gym nearly every day.

Mike Messina

biggest loser 25
Mike Messina/Facebook

The winner of the At-Home Prize from season 13 has taken his love of fitness seriously since his time on the show. When Messina began The Biggest Loser he weighed 358 pounds. His final weigh-in was 198 pounds!

In recent years the scales have tipped upwards but it’s all thanks to a high-protein diet and building muscle. Messina now works as a fitness trainer and cryptocurrency trader.

Jennifer Rumple

biggest loser 26
Jennifer Rumple/Facebook

Rumple didn’t win the 12th season of The Biggest Loser but she took home the $100,000 At-Home Prize by continuing her weight-loss journey after the show. After going from 330 pounds to 185, Rumple continues staying healthy by running with her dog, dancing, kite surfing, and bike riding.

Today, the television producer from California says that even though she didn’t win The Biggest Loser, the journey completely changed her life.

Deni Hill

biggest loser 27
Deni Hill Biggest Loser Season 11/Facebook

Over the course of season 11 on The Biggest Loser, Hill went from 256 pounds to 131 pounds and took home the $100,000 At-Home Prize. The Mormon missionary returned home and continued her fitness journey by running half marathons and becoming involved with local weight loss programs.

Hill said that her new body enabled her to take her Mormon missionary status to the next level. She was able to finally travel to other countries with rough terrain without worrying about her health.

Mark Pinhasovich

biggest loser 28

Pinhasovich is yet another Biggest Loser alumni who kept up a healthy lifestyle in order to be a better parent. He entered the competition at 421 pounds, left after losing 213 pounds and has continued to keep the weight off.

He spends most of his time now raising his baby girl, going to the gym, and running a lifestyle and apparel brand called Bare Fit Wear that sells both regular stock and custom orders.

Ashley Johnston Palu

biggest loser 29
Official Ashley Johnston Biggest Loser Season 9/Facebook

The runner-up from season 9 of The Biggest Loser said that after leaving the show, the hardest thing to overcome was her mental roadblocks. Palu said that her insecurities were more difficult than counting calories or getting her onto the treadmill.

She ended up taking the At-Home Prize after keeping off the 215 pounds she shed. Since the show, she got married and is a self-described adventure seeker who is “addicted to self-improvement.”

Rebecca Meyer Wright

biggest loser 30
Rebecca Wright/Facebook

The At-Home Prize winner of season 8 has embraced every aspect of fitness in her life since appearing on the show. She began her journey at 279 pounds and dropped down to 140 pounds. She began by working out 4-5 days at the gym and running outside.

Meyer Wright became the co-owner of FitnessWrightNow and is a personal trainer. Today, she is a mother and helps keep her husband healthy as he undergoes his own health issues.