Goofball Precinct: Behind The Scenes With Barney Miller

“Barney Miller” was a television series that ran for almost ten years. It was a police procedural, but fans liked it because of its realistic depictions and mix of drama in the humorous show. All of the characters were unique and likable, and it was a beloved show with millions of loyal fans.

Throughout its long run and numerous episodes, it had plenty of hidden secrets and fun facts that even the most loyal of fans might not have known!

Here are some truly amazing facts you might not know about Barney Miller!

The Show Was Known For Its Realistic Depictions


At the time of the show, there were a plentiful amounts of police procedurals running, much like how we have plenty on TV today. However, the show was best known as being the most realistic portrayal of police life, according to real-life police officers who were fans of the TV series.