Let’s Revisit The Monkees

“The Monkees” was a marvel on many levels. First, it was a band that was created through a classified ad. Then it became a hit TV show, albeit short-lived. The group itself was a blatant, self-admitted rip-off of the Beatles. The weekly comedy featured the four band members, Micky, Davy, Mike, and Peter reacting to daily life sprinkled with numerous outlandish characters and situations; there was a lot of slapstick humor. And, of course, Monkees tunes proliferated, all somehow tied into the show’s simplistic story lines. But what went on behind the scenes was often much more intriguing than what viewers witnessed on a weekly basis. Read on to find out stuff you never knew about their Monkee business.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Source: ikesuccess
Source: ikesuccess

There were a few episodes in the second season where the filming was staggered, (a part of an episode was filmed, and then the rest was finished weeks later) so Micky’s hairdo fluctuated between straight and permed in certain episodes. The seesawing locks were most notable in one show where he’s on stage performing with a permed coif and minutes later walks off the stage with straight hair.

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