Video Games That Are Surprisingly Inspired By Real Life

Everyone knows that games like Assassin’s Creed and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater are based on real people and events. Since the dawn of video games, developers have taken inspiration from real events. Even if you’re playing a fantastical game like Fatal Frame or Bioshock, there’s a chance that they stemmed from real-life experiences.

Like all artists, game developers gain ideas from real life: historical people, memorable events, and even personal experiences. Here are video games that you may have played, but didn’t realize they were based on real life, even if the plots are fictional.

Silent Hill Was Based Off Of A Real Town

Screenshot of Silent Hill: Downpour opening

The Silent Hill franchise revolutionized the horror genre. In this famous Konami series, players could hardly see anything beyond the virtual fog, which was uncommon in games at the time. This fictional city was inspired by a real ghost town in Centralia, Pennsylvania.

Centralia was a coal mining town that began producing in 1856. In May of 1962, the town burned their trash landfill, which lit the underground mine on fire. Centralia’s 2,000 residents left after experiencing blackouts from the gases. Today, the fire still burns. Smoke leaks from the ground in this eerie ghost town.