Who Is Anna Delvey And Why Is Shonda Rhimes Making A Show About Her?

Shonda Rhimes, the creative mind behind Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy, has a new scandalous project. She’s writing a show about the life and times of Anna Delvey. This story has it all: money, celebrities, theft, scams, scandals, and conspiracy theories. Anna Delvey isn’t even her real name. This girl manages to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars and outwit some of our nations most reputable banks and institutions.

Anna Delvey is an Instagram sensation, a Blair Waldorf wannabe, and a girl on a mission. Is she sorry for what she did? I don’t think so.

Who Is Anna Delvey?


Photo Credit: @theannadelvey / Instagram

First of all, Anna Delvey’s real last name is Sorkin, not Delvey. Anna was born in Russian in 1991. She moved to Germany when she was sixteen-years-old. When she got a competitive internship at Purple magazine in Paris, she changed her last name to Delvey. That’s where she began deceiving and social climbing.

Now Anna is in jail. She was indicted on six felony counts and one misdemeanor charge, including grand larceny. Keep reading to find out exactly how Anna’s socialite life came tumbling down, and why Shonda Rhimes is so interested in her unique life story.