San Diego’s Most Delicious Brunches You Can’t Miss!

A place as stunning as San Diego has to have incredible foods, specifically brunches, to match its beautiful scenery and weather, right? Well, we have compiled a list of the best brunch spots spread out across the beautiful city that are delicious, affordable, and offer extensive selections of authentic cuisines.

Cafe 21

Located on the cute little corner of downtown’s Fifth Avenue, Cafe 21 is a quaint and delicious brunch spot that always welcomes a long, hungry line ready to devour. Not just your average cafe, Cafe 21 has a wide variety assortment of heavenly dutch pancakes and crepes straight from the cast iron itself filled with organic and local ingredients.

cafe 21.jpg

From fluffy tiramisu pancakes smothered in espresso syrup and powdered sugar to food-filled crepes like the roasted chicken breast drenched in caramelized onions, feta, and mozzarella, Cafe 21 is guaranteed to be your next favorite brunch spot in San Diego.