These Food Items Are Way Too Over The Top For Our Liking

Look, I understand that we’re living in the future. Cars can talk to you, planes have wifi, and you can carry the internet in your pocket. These are all wonderful examples of how progress can improve our lives.

Some things are just best left alone, though. Some things don’t need improving. Burgers? Those babies are flawless. MIlkshakes? We perfected those in the ’50s. Get out of here with your new food trends. Keep reading to see food so OTT it’s making our collective stomach hurt. That’s right, we have a collective stomach. It’s the future.

This Burger With A Mac & Cheese Bun

Photo Credit: NosemaCerenae / Reddit
Photo Credit: NosemaCerenae / Reddit

How do you even hold a burger like this? Would the mac and cheese not burn you and make your hands extremely greasy?

This makes me so uncomfortable. I feel like the “bun” would just totally fall apart and make a huge mess. I feel this needs more sauce to it too.