Holy Grail Life Hacks That Will Save You A Fortune

Sometimes a little DIY know-how can save you big money in the long run. It’s worth learning some of these simple tips and tricks so you don’t end up wasting money on things that you don’t actually need.

Keep reading to find out how you can save hundreds of dollars just by recycling or repairing old items. Your wallet will definitely thank you.

Save Money With Every Flush

Photo Credit: 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube

When you displace the water in the tank at the back of your toilet, you reduce the amount of water that’s needed to fill it. This can save you up to $45 per year.

Just fill a soda bottle with water, and put it in your tank.

A Paperclip Phone Holder

Photo Credit: 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube

Let’s move on to a simple one. Why spend money on a phone stand when you can just bend any old paperclip into a sleek and sturdy holder in less than a minute?

I bet you have a bunch of paperclips just lying around your house right now.

Get The Most Out Of Your Lip Balm

Photo Credit: 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube

Those Eos lip balms are fun to use, but half of the product gets stuck under the piece of plastic that keeps it in the container. Remove that plastic, scrape out the remaining lip balm, and then put it into a bowl with some beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter.

Microwave the mixture and pour it back into the Eos container to harden.

Regrow Food Scraps

Photo Credit: 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube

Did you know that you can grow new food from the scraps of old vegetables? Just stick your lettuce, bok choy, cabbage, celery, and green onion bottoms in some water and watch them spring back to life.

Just make sure to change the water every few days.

Save Your Hardwood Floors

Photo Credit: 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube

By cutting a cork into thin slices and sliding those slices under the legs of your furniture, you can save on furniture pads and hardwood floor treatments. Say goodbye to scratches forever.

This simple hack will save your floors and your money. Also, it’s an excuse to drink more wine.

Use Vaseline As An Eyelash Primer

Photo Credit: 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube

Eyelash primers can be expensive, and a lot of them don’t really work. In this photo, the right eye was primed with Vaseline, while the left eye wasn’t. The eyelashes with the Vaseline look a lot more defined and fanned out.

Vaseline is super cheap, and it can be used in so many different ways.

A Pre-emptive Strike

Photo Credit: 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube

If you’ve been alive for the past fifteen years or so, you know that these chargers are always breaking and fraying. Re-enforce your chargers with embroidery floss before they break.

Your chargers will last longer and you won’t have to keep spending money on new ones.

If They Do Break…

Photo Credit: 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube

If you’ve taken preventative measures and your wires still break, you can fix them with a bit of hot glue. Just encase the exposed wires in hot glue and allow the whole thing to dry.

Electrical tape also works, but that stuff falls off so easily.

Speaking Of Technology…

Photo Credit: 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube

Now that we’re on the topic of technology, let’s discuss these USB drives. Have you ever put one in your computer the right way the first time? Never, right?

Mark the top of your USB drive so you always know which way is up. This may not be a huge money saver, but it is a time saver— and time is money.

Make Your Own Cookie Cutters

Photo Credit: 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube

You can make your own cookie cutters out of an empty soda can. Just cut off the top and the bottom of the can, unroll the aluminum, cut it into strips, and then bend those strips into whatever shapes suit your fancy.

This way you can get totally unique and personalized cookies.

Shoe Storage

Photo Credit: 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube

When packing your running shoes for a long trip, or even a trip to the gym, you don’t want the dirty bottoms of your shoes touching everything else that’s in your bag.

Stick your shoes in a shower cup to keep your bag squeaky clean.

Make Your Own Guitar Picks

Photo Credit: 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube

This is a hack that a lot of guitar players already know about. I know guitar picks aren’t that expensive, but they are overpriced for what they are.

You can make your own guitar picks by cutting a guitar pick shape out of an old credit card or membership card.

A Secret Hiding Spot

Photo Credit: 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube

Cover the front of a cardboard box with a printed out picture of books. Put your wallet and other valuables in the box, and then put the box on your bookshelf.

To anybody passing by, it will just look like you’re really into reading.

Get Furniture Marks Out Of Your Carpet

Photo Credit: 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube

Whether your furniture indents your rug or your carpet, you can easily make this floor covering look brand new again. Just cover the indent with a damp towel, and iron it until it look beautiful and fluffed up.

Now you don’t have to spend money on a professional rug cleaning or a new rug.

Silica Packets Can Save Your Phone

Photo Credit: 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube

You know those poisonous silica packets that come in boxes of new shoes? Don’t throw those things away. Silica absorbs moisture, so it’s really great for saving a phone that you’ve accidentally dropped in water.

Just keep the packets far away from children and pets.

Use A Cork To Save Your Knitting

Photo Credit: 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube

If you want to take a break from knitting in the middle of a project, stick some corks on the ends of your knitting needles. This will keep all your hard work from sliding right off.

Knitting is super time consuming. You don’t want all those stitches to fall out.

Turn An Old Tank Top Into A Beach Bag

Photo Credit: 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube

Why spend money on a beach bag when you can up-cycle an old but stylish tank top into a gorgeous summer tote.

Just cut strips into the bottom of the shirt and knot the strips together to form a tasseled seam. Then fill the bag with all of your summer essentials.

Use Ice To Get Rid Of Stuck On Gum

Photo Credit: 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube

We’ve all run into this problem at one point or another. Either you sat in gum or gum fell out of your mouth and onto your clothes.

The best way to get gum off of fabric is to use an ice cube to freeze it. Then the gum will peel right off.

Save Broken Makeup

Photo Credit: 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube

If your pressed powder makeup falls onto the ground and cracks, you can fix it with a few drops of rubbing alcohol. Just squirt the alcohol into the pan, press everything down with a spoon, and wait for it to dry.

Your makeup will be as good as new.

Get Every Last Drop Of Lip Gloss

Photo Credit: 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube

This lip gloss is poppin’, but this lip gloss is also almost empty. You can use the tines of a fork to squeeze out every last drop of this precious sticky lip stuff.

This trick also works for toothpaste, skincare products, and anything else that comes in a tube.