McDonald’s Hacks To Help You Save Even More Money

We can all agree that America has a love-hate relationship with McDonald’s. Sure, all the food is bad for you and it’s a leading cause for the obesity crisis in America, but it’s soooo good. And even better, it’s cheap! McDonald’s has been around for more than 60 years and we’re still flocking to it, so they must be doing something right.

Even though the restaurant has been an integral part of America for so long, they’ve changed a lot and are constantly keeping us on our toes with new deals and delicious menu items. There’s so many secrets to McDonald’s that we don’t know about, and they could be saving us so much time and money. Read on and feel much more comfortable making that next trip to McDonald’s.

You Can Get Half Price McDonald’s For Life

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All you have to do to get 50% off your meal is fill out a short survey. Buy any McDonald’s item and your receipt will have a little code on the back. Visit their food for thoughts website and complete the survey.

Then they’ll give you back a code that you can use to get 50% off a Big Mac, Veggie Deluxe, Filet-o-Fish, and fries. Eat, and repeat.

They Will Make You A Grilled Cheese, Even Though It’s Not On The Menu

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One of the secret menu items that everyone needs to be aware of ASAP is the "cheese toastie" a.k.a. a grilled cheese. They just take the buns from their breakfast sandwiches and layer some cheese in between.

It sounds kind of basic, but also entirely worth it. The cheese toastie is your new favorite McDonald’s hangover cure.

The Rumors Are True, A 20-Piece Box Of Chicken Nuggets Is The Better Value

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If you are a lover of chicken nuggets like us, then you’ll know the 4-pack just doesn’t cut it. The 10-pack is usually just right, but the truth is that it’s not the best value.

When you break it down, the 20-piece chicken nugget box equals out to $0.25 per nugget, and the 10-piece is $0.36 per nugget.

Continue on to learn one trick that will get you the best customer service possible.

Science Says The Drive-Thru Is Faster Than Going Inside

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We’ve all rolled up to our local McD’s to see a long line of cars and had an internal debate about whether or not it would be faster to just go inside and order. The truth is that McDonald’s, like most chain restaurants, prioritize the drive-thru.

For McDonald’s, it is even timed and the store can be penalized if they make customers wait too long.

Order The Cheap Version Of The Big Mac


If you love McDonald’s signature burger but don’t want to pay the price, then don’t worry there are other ways.

You can order a McDouble off the value menu and ask for it "dressed like a Mac" which means no ketchup or mustard, and they add lettuce and Mac sauce. You’re welcome in advance.

Always Ask For A Receipt

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Most of us shun getting a receipt for a $5 meal we’re about to inhale anyway, but there’s a silver lining to asking for one.

If you go out of your way to ask for a receipt, the employees might think you’re a secret shopper and give you above average service and food. It’s so crazy it just might work.

The easy electronic top coming up can land you free food. Yes, FREE food.

You Actually Can Get Mayonaisse For Your Fries


One of the greatest travesties of McDonald’s is that they don’t provide mayo as a dipping sauce. I mean, it’s the #1 condiment in America, get with it.

They do always have mayo on hand though for menu items like their McChicken. Ask for a side of mayo and an employee with squeeze some into a little tub for you.

There Are Certain Times When The Food Is Best

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We all know the difference between fresh McDonald’s fries and fries that have been sitting under the heat lamp. It’s best to order food in the "gap" times because that is typically when the mystery shoppers visit the restaurants.

For breakfast, it’s between 7-9 a.m., for lunch, 11a.m.- 2 p.m., and for dinner, go between 4-6 p.m.

Download The App For Free Food (Seriously)

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Again, you have to do a little legwork for this hack, but we’re all on our phones anyway so it’s not hard work. Download the McDonald’s app and it will alert you to sales and send you coupons that can be scanned right away.

We’ve seen everything from buy one, get one Happy Meals to free medium fries with any purchase.

If you want to get mathematical, read on the see what food gives you the most bang for your buck.

Never Order A Regular McFlurry


Nearly every McDonald’s employee will tell you not to order a McFlurry because they’re way overpriced, and you never get enough toppings and ice cream.

Instead, order a sundae and ask for the McFlurry topping of your choice on the side. You get more toppings than normal, and all you have to do is mix it up yourself.

Get That Fancy Drink At No Cost

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The beauty of McDonald’s is their free refills on any drink they sell. If you want to try out a fancy promotional drink from their McCafe menu, then start out by ordering a boring drink. Pay for a simple, cheap coffee, toss is back, then go up and ask for a refill.

The employee will ask what kind of drink you want, then you say the name of the promotional drink.

Get The Most Calories For Your Buck

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If you’re concerned about getting the most bang (and fat, salt, carbs, and calories) for your buck, luckily, someone out there has done the math. The Sausage Biscuit will get you the most value, and costs $0.0003 per calorie.

If you’re feeling like treating yourself, the McDouble Burger and McChicken Burger both end up costing $0.0004 per calorie.

The next few hacks will show you how to upgrade any basic menu item.

You Can Get Anything On A Steamed Bun


Okay, I have to admit that I don’t actually like the Filet-o-Fish, but I do stare longingly at its fresh, hot, perfectly fluffy and soft bun.

The Filet-o-Fish comes with a steamed bun, rather than a grilled bun, and you can ask for any sandwich on that bun. Trust me, it’s so worth it.

Get Fresher Fries And Lower Your Sodium Intake

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One of the most well-known McDonald’s hacks for getting those fresh, delicious fries is asking for them without salt so they have to cook a new batch.

Mind you, this does take some extra time so if you want the fresh fries, you’ll have to sacrifice more of your valuable time.

They Have Two Different Types Of Eggs, So Be Careful

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McDonald’s actually does crack fresh, not frozen eggs and fry them up for the sandwiches. They also get tubs of yellow liquid that is an "egg substitute" for their scrambled eggs or the filling for their breakfast wraps.

If you want to be sure it’s real, then simply make sure to specify that you want a "round egg."

The Healthiest Item Is Tastier Than You Think

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Every middle-aged woman following a strict diet was crushed to hear that McDonald’s salads aren’t as healthy as they thought. In fact, they can be some of the worst items on the menu at fast food joints.

Luckily, the Premium Bacon Ranch Salad from McD’s is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. It’s only 220 calories and costs just around $5.00, which is totally worth it.

Don’t Worry About Losing Your Buy 5, Get One Free Card

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve struggled getting that sixth McCafe drink for free because you always misplace the little card you have to put your stickers on. Now, you can download the McDonald’s app and scan the barcodes to track your coffee.

It’s harder to lose your phone than a tiny paper card, so this should finally get you that free drink.

Check The Menu When You’re Traveling


Most people choose to eat local, but a little McDonald’s on the road never hurt anyone. Plus, the menus vary region to region. If you travel up to Canada, you can get a McDonald’s poutine.

Restaurants along the east coast will serve you the McCrab, and Hawaii serves a special fried coconut pie.

Get Three Kinds Of Ice Cream For The Price Of One

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Most of us will order a plain vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry milkshake and call it a day. You can ask though for any two flavors, or even all three, mixed together.

If you don’t want to rattle off the long list of flavors, ask for a "Neopolitan Milkshake" and the employees will know what to do.

If You Have No Morals, Lie For Free Food

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If you’re feeling especially cheap and sneaky, then scam a free sandwich by walking into a McDonald’s and saying that you went through the drive-thru and were shorted. They’ll probably ask for a receipt but a little acting can get you that sandwich.

We’re not suggesting you do this though because keep in mind it’s technically stealing, we’re just saying the employees have to follow the rules.