These Helpful Lifehacks Are Like Your Survival Guide Through Adulthood

We all have those little hacks in our lives, and we would be lost without them. They’re those things we do to help get us through every single day. When we see a useless hack, we tend to ask ourselves who would ever need that in their life.

No matter what you think of it, I bet you’re looking for ways to make getting through the day a bit easier. Hopefully, that one random hack in this article might actually come in handy.

Seal Bulk Bags With Old Container Lids

Count Out And Keep

Anytime your spice container, water bottle, or any similar container is empty, don’t just toss them away. Just cut the neck away and use it to make a lid system for plastic bags.

That way, you’ll be able to use the containers original lid and it’ll make it easier to keep things fresh.

Your Backpack Doesn’t Need To Be On The Floor


If there’s no bathroom hook, don’t put your backpack on the ground. Instead of leaving it on the floor when you’re doing your business, loop the strap over the top of the door. You can also use the right shoulder strap to hold the jacket too.

It’s the best of both worlds.

Keep Your Cleaning Tools From Falling


Leaving the mop in the corner of your closet is a bad idea. Instead of doing that, use a regular hanger that will hold the head. That will hang in place, and it won’t leave a mess like a mop.

It might be a new hack to you, but it’s beneficial.

What can you do to hang and store your boots? The hack for that is still on the way.

Pizza Box Hack


Did you know that a pizza box can be cut into four disposable plates? Me neither, but you can do that! All you need to do is turn the lid into a smaller box to hold leftovers.

That way, you and your friends have some plates without washing any dishes.

Don’t Settle For One-Ply Toilet Paper


One-ply toilet paper sucks. If you’re ever in a situation where you have bad toilet paper, pull from both rolls at once. It will give you a full second ply to use!

It’s no surprise some places are too cheap for two-ply, but you won’t feel guilty for being extra!

Organize Your Boots With Store Clothes Hangers


Your winter boots have no use in the summer. So, you’ll want to hang your boots on hangers with clips on them. Next, put a tension rod down near the bottom of your closet. Then, keep those boots from cluttering up your closet.

Just make sure to use hangers that are strong enough to support those boots.

Read ahead to see how dryer sheets can freshen up your room.

Keep Your Suitcase From Smelling Weird


When traveling, your suitcase fills up with dirty clothes. To keep the stench from following you around, use a bar of soap. The scent from the soap will be enough to keep the dirty laundry from stinking up the joint.

Your clothes will thank you because they’ll smell brand new without going into the wash.

Broccoli Elastics Are Useful


Those elastics around broccoli are meant for something. Be sure to keep them around if you love having tea. Wedge the string from the tea bag under the rubber band so it won’t slip into the mug.

It’s a good thing to have because trying to scoop out those tea bags can be a real pain.

Dryer Sheets Can Freshen Up Your Room


Do you have a funny stench coming from your room? Well, this hack is for you. Hang dryer sheets over the air conditioner or fan. The breeze will spread the scent around the room.

It’s a simple and effective way to keep your room smelling fresh when you don’t have time to do a proper clean.

A simple trick with your air conditioner is still on the way.

An Oven Mit For Driving On Hot Days


Sometimes, it’s hard to park where there’s shade. Steering wheels soak up the heat like no tomorrow, especially the dark ones. It looks silly to some, but using oven mitts will make sure your hands don’t burn off.

Trust me, your fingers and palms will be thanking you a million times.

How To Give Your Cables An Extra Life


Phone cords can become messy. It’s important not to use this hack if your cable is already ruined.

Remember, if the metal spring touches the wires under the casting, you could end up with a spontaneous combustion. But, using a spring from an old pen will keep it intact.

A Trick With The Air Conditioner


If you don’t have control over your thermostat, here’s what you can do. You can force it to turn on the cool air by placing a steaming container of hot water below it. If you need it colder, request a setpoint change.

Most building owners don’t like conflict, so you can likely get away with it.

When you forget your lunch, leave your keys behind. The most surprising hack is still on the way.

Store Plastic Bags In A Tissue Box


I think we all end up with a ton of plastic bags sitting around our house. You can quickly go above and beyond by slipping each bag in an old tissue box.

When you pull a bag out, the next one will pop right up, just like a regular tissue would.

Sunglasses Are A Necessity


If you have too many chargers, this is a hack for you. Cords can become a tangled mess that is nearly impossible to deal with. However, with this simple hack, you can keep all of your cables together!

The best part of it all is that they’re all in the case.

When You Forget Your Lunch, Leave It With Your Keys


Or, vice versa. It’ll be difficult to leave without them, forcing you to remember where you left them the night before. Sticky notes will go a long way to help remind you of that.

This can probably save you a ton of money in the long run too, because you won’t be grabbing some food on the go anymore.

A hack to help brown sugar from turning into a brick is coming up.

Motivate Yourself While Studying


Studying is a hassle. To make it better, use some gummy bears or another favorite candy of yours. Place each candy over every paragraph and make a little game out of it. After reading each paragraph, enjoy the treat.

That will hopefully be the trick to fight your endless procrastination.

If Your Juice Carton Pours Wonky


Physics comes into play when you need to solve that annoying splashing. With that in mind, flip the carton around. It will work for any beverage that comes in a carton with a plastic spout.

It’s a pretty common thing for this to happen, but it’s good to know.

Brown Sugar And Marshmallows

First Apartment

Brown sugar has a reputation for turning into a brick. You can make sure that doesn’t happen by adding another delicious treat. To keep it soft, all you need to so throw a couple of marshmallows in the container with it.

When you open it, just make sure you don’t eat the marshmallows.

When The Keyboard On Your Laptop Breaks


Sometimes, you spill soda on your keyboard the same night you have a paper due at midnight. With that in mind, any Bluetooth keyboard can be used instead. It instantly connects with your laptop, no matter what brand it is.

This hack will save you from spending more money on a new laptop.

How To Open A Stubborn Jar With Duct Tape


Using all of your strength to open any jar can be challenging. So, using duct tape will it make more accessible for you. The tape will give you a good grip so you can twist the darn thing without any hesitation.

It’s useful for people with skinny wrists.