President Barack Obama: The Most Amazing Photos From His Presidency

President Barack Obama is one of the youngest president’s in our nation’s history, as he took office at the age of just forty six. He is the country’s first African American president, and he faced many challenges due to political opposition to his progressive viewpoints. He overcame some opposition, but others we will continue to face as a nation. Take a look back at the greatest photos of President Barack Obama over his eight years in office, from the poignant to the silly. We will miss you President Obama!

Hey Girl What’ya Doin’?

This is one of President Obama’s most humorous snapshots. Sure, he was probably half way through an arm or facial movement but the photo remains the same. Due to security measures Obama, until recently, did not have a phone with “smart” capabilities, like most of the country. He once told Jimmy Fallon about his clunky Blackberry.


Obama recounted what he was told when he received the Blackberry: “this is a great phone, state of the art, but it doesn’t take pictures, you can’t text, the phone doesn’t work, you can’t play your music on it.” He said he sees his two daughters and wife active with texting and various social apps like Snapchat, which he cannot take part in. Do you think we’ll see the former president joining Instagram after he officially leaves office?