Never-Before-Seen Photos Of The Vietnam War

Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost, families were torn apart, and in the end, the Vietnam war was declared one of the worst wartime decisions ever made by the United States. The widespread devastation of the war spanned from November 1, 1955 to April 30, 1975, and during that time some horrifying, sad, and touching photographs were caught in the midst of the turmoil.

We must warn you ahead of time that many of these rarely seen Vietnam war photographs will leave you saddened and with chills. With that being said, they are a strong reminder that war has a massive effect on everyone — extending well beyond the battlefield.Here are some of the most amazing photos from the Vietnam war, and the touching stories that go with them.

Masked Activists Gather


Fearing the risk of potential interrogation and capture, these masked activists hid their faces from one another to prevent anyone from seeing their faces and knowing their identities. Shown here traveling slowly in the mangrove swamps of the Mekong Delta, the activists would meet in in the Nam Can forest.