The 20 Most Fashionable Moments Of The 60’s

Pixie Cut

The signature sixties pixie cut was a revolution of female freedom from the minute that Audrey Hepburn chopped her locks off for film Roman Holiday. The 20s-inspired style had the unfamiliar boyish look that graced the covers of magazines and movie screens. The style was infectious and swept the hippie era like a chic disease.


Huge names like Farrow and Twiggy were the next to adopt the charming cut and even blonde favorite Goldie Hawn jumped on the pixie train. The 60s was not the only era that the romanticized feel of the short ‘do, though. Celebrities today like Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron, Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart have embraced the classy look of the pixie and rock it just like the beautiful, old Hollywood stars did.