The Real Truth Behind The Viking Culture

Ancient Norse seafarers who were inhumanly large, brutish, and killed everything in their path: these were the Vikings. At least, that’s what popular culture wants us to believe. In reality, the Vikings weren’t the barbarians that we have branded them to be throughout the ages. They were a group of greatly intelligent, civilized, and hard-working people. Their own unique culture and belief system set them apart from the other cultures around them, giving a false reputation that is still upheld today. Take a look to see the reality of the Viking way of life and learn what is actually true and what is just legend.

Viking mythology still plays a major role in our everyday lives.

Vikings Cared About Personal Hygiene


If you picture Vikings as a long-haired, bearded group of warmongers, you wouldn’t be wrong. However, you would be mistaken if you assumed that they were a dirty, stinky, and careless group of people. In reality, the Vikings cared greatly about their personal hygiene. Although they may have lived in harsh conditions and were known to have bushy beards and long hair, they took care of themselves.

Throughout the ages, many different grooming tools and equipment have been discovered that were used by both men and women. These include things such as combs, razors, and even ear swabs. Although they couldn’t avoid ever getting dirty, it is clear that they made more of an effort than is ever depicted in popular culture.