These Parking Lots Were Hiding Some Of The Wildest Things You’d Never Imagine

You may not think much of an ordinary parking lot, but have you ever wondered what might be resting underneath of all those parked cars? When parking lots are demolished to make way for other projects, sometimes construction workers find a little bit more than just a bunch of dirt. From the body of a dead king to an entire palace filled with treasures, these are the most unbelievable finds underneath parking lots!

You won’t believe what police found underneath a Walmart parking lot in New York!

An Entire Cemetery Was Unearthed For A Parking Lot

In 2017, Philadelphia was about to gain a new apartment complex before construction workers discovered bones on the site where the parking lot was to be. After a few bones, they dug up a coffin and soon, they found dozens more.

As it turned out, they were building on the site of the First Baptist Church burial grounds that were first established in 1707. Around 1860, someone was supposed to transfer the coffins from their first spot to the Mount Moriah Cemetery across town but apparently, that person never got around to it. Eventually, the job was forgotten about.