Check Out These 20 Amazing High Tech Home Gadgets

While we don’t have robots cleaning everything in our homes and catering to our every need just yet, the home of the future is definitely here right now. Technology is everywhere in our home and is revolutionizing the way we cook food, secure our homes, control our electronics and a number of other things. The last decade or so has spurned so much technological advancement it is almost unbelievable. Here are 20 amazing and high tech home gadget appliances that you are sure to love.

Number 18 is a must have for anyone who wants total control over their home.

SolarCity Roof Tiles


Elon Musk is at the forefront of cool and efficient technology. First with Tesla, and now with SolarCity. The company recently debuted solar roof tiles that are more efficient than regular solar panels. These offer better performance and offer a sharper look than the competition, while also coming in a variety of styles.

Wireless LED Light Bulbs

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Gone are the days when you could only control lights with a switch! Many companies now make wireless LED bulbs that you can control with your phone. These can change color, dim and do a number of other things that traditional bulbs just can’t do. While they are a bit pricey, they are definitely a worthy investment.

Nest Products

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There are just so many amazing products from Nest that we figured we’d put them all together. They have thermostats, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and even cameras that will make any home more high tech. These products are extremely useful and will likely soon be the standard for homes everywhere.

The Water Shade


The problem with leaving fruit out is that it will go bad in a matter of days. This product is basically a gate of water that will protect your fruit. It keeps everything fresh and is even smart enough to know when you are reaching for a piece and will turn off the stream. The next item is something else you probably didn’t think was possible.

The Transparent TV

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TVs are a must have in most homes, but can be a bit of an eyesore when not in use. However, the transparent TV will soon take over the market. This cool product will fade seamlessly into the background when it is not in use. The next entry is an updated version of something most of us have.

Eco Cleaner

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While a standard dishwasher is pretty great, this is better. The Eco Cleaner is a compact little dishwasher that actually uses ultrasonic waves to ionize food particles on the dishes. It then converts this food into usable compost for plants. This gets rid of all kinds of waste and is great for the environment too.

Google Home

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This is a voice-activated speaker powered by Google Assistant. You can ask it questions or tell it to do anything you want. Think of it as a voice-activated Google that is always ready to help you out with whatever you need. The next item might just be the coolest thing on this entire list.


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This is definitely one of the most advanced robots out there. He serves so many purposes and is almost more of a pet than a robot. While he can send messages, take pictures and share information with you, that’s not all he can do. Jibo gets to know you personally and experiences the world with you as he learns.


Source: Amazon

This little wand will make cleaning everything from furniture to the kitchen easier than ever. This is a UV light wand that cleans germs, allergens, and odor without any chemicals or harmful ingredients. This can be used all over the house and is a much safer way to clean your home.

Prep Pad


When you are trying to be healthy and count your calories with your food prep, it can be incredibly hard to get it right. The Prep Pad will be your savior. This handly little scale will not only weigh your portions, it will also tell you the nutritional value of everything and track it in an app.

Whirlpool Interactive Cooktop

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This was one of the biggest hits at CES 2014. While it is not available for widespread use, it has people all over the world excited. Think of it as a giant tablet that you can cook on. You can adjust temperatures and even look at recipes, directly on the cooktop.


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Keeping track of your grocery list can sometimes be tough. But with the Hiku, it has never been easier. This is a tiny scanner that acts as a magnet on your fridge. You can speak to it to add things to your grocery list, or can simply take it off the fridge and scan things to add them.

Electrolux Fireplace


One of the best character additions to a home is a fireplace. However, they can sometimes take up a lot of space and they don’t come standard in most homes anymore. This is the small and beautiful substitute you have been looking for. Even cooler, it becomes transparent once turned on which makes it a great centerpiece for a table. The next entry is a new and unique way to unlock your door.

CalypsoKey And Case

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For hundreds of years, the way of locking and unlocking your house has been the same. While some homes have keypads and codes now, this takes it a step further. This is a phone case that acts as a “key” and can unlock your door with a simple swipe. Plus, you are unlikely to ever forget your phone like you sometimes do with your keys.

Winbot Robot Window Cleaner

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Cleaning windows is often something that a lot of us forget to do or simply disregard. But with the Winbot robot window cleaner, it has never been easier. This product will clean your window on its own using a special 3-part system. It will even scan and calculate your window size.

DJ Roomba!

Source: irobot

These aren’t necessarily brand new to the market, but work extremely well and are getting more popular. Keeping your house clean is becoming harder than ever with our busy lives, and this little guy helps. The Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner that will quietly work while you tackle your other responsibilities.

Pop-Out Outlet

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These may not be as high-tech as some of the products on this list, but would definitely come in handy. We have all struggled with lack of power outlets at one time or another. This product will stop that forever, as this little device packs on 4 outlets where there would normally only be 1 or 2.

Belkin WeMo Switch


This is the future of home automation. This product allows you to plug in any appliance or electronic device and control it via the internet. That’s right, you will be able to shut off and control your electronics from anywhere with this wifi-enabled device. The options with this cheap little device are endless.

Click And Grow


There are fewer bigger eyesores in the kitchen than a dead or dying plant. This entry helps stop that and also provides you with extra food in the process. This product is a self-growing garden that helps make sure plants have enough water, oxygen and sun. The final entry is a reimagination of something we all take for granted.

Bruno Smart Can

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Garbage cans are one of the things that simply haven’t changed in quite a while. However, this Bruno can is unlike any trash can you’ve ever seen. It alerts you on trash day, and tells you when you are out of trash bags. The coolest thing about it definitely has to be the fact it has a powerful vacuum to suck up things you missed.