Battling Back: Meet The People Who Put The Booze Down And Got Their Life Back On Track

Changing your life can be challenging. Whether it’s getting in shape or breaking an addiction, you have to start somewhere. But, those who have pulled it off have faced many difficult odds, and they did it for the better.

Whether they were battling addiction or wanting to lead to a healthier life, the people who shared their stories agree that giving up alcohol was the best decision for them.

The following stories are of people who once struggled with their drinking. They reveal the incredible impact that came with giving up alcohol.

The Beauty Of Living Life Sober Is Most Of My Struggles Today Are Based Around Amazing Blessings In My Life


What an amazing transformation. Sobriety doesn’t magically fix everything, but it makes it a whole lot easier to handle. Going through struggles like career decisions, parenting struggles, and finding a purpose in life is the essence of transcending one’s past.

Pursue your passions and never stop!

What A Difference 10 Months Can Make. I Quit Drinking, Started Working Out, Got Divorced, Moved 1000 Miles By Myself, And Started A New Business


That’s really amazing! You look so much younger than 39. Congratulations on the weight loss and all of the positive changes happening in your life. That’s a tremendous amount of change over a 10-month span.

Also, it’s great to see that the tattoos are still as awesome as ever!

On The Left: 1-4 Bottles Of Wine A Week. On The Right, 9 Months Later: Lots Of Infused Water


No kidding! You look so much younger. It’s excellent you traded in the wine for the grande cappuccino from Starbucks. Everyone should do whatever they can to kick a nasty habit. It’s grateful to see someone like you feel loved and supported.

The last nine months were a journey, but you pulled through.

Read ahead to see the father who went from dad bod to losing 51 pounds.

A Little Over A Year Ago. I’d Had Most Of A Box Of Wine Earlier In The Day And Then Drank Around 12oz Of Whiskey On Stage (Stand Up Comedy) In Front Of A Crowd. Currently, Almost A Year Sober


Quitting is never easy. But, you did it! Pat yourself on the shoulder and be proud of yourself. Your talent doesn’t reside in alcohol but within you. You can be just as funny without alcohol, and you’re courageous for showing the world and owning it.

Whoever you are, I wouldn’t mind seeing your act.

The Progression Of Sobriety. 24 Hours — 1 Year. One Day At A Time


I can’t believe it’s the same guy. This brought a tear to my eye because your sadness turned into joy for the greater good. Bravo good sir, you have your life back now. It’s amazing how much a smile can change someone’s look.

It’s so simple, yet so poignant.

Quit Drinking One Year Ago This Weekend. 35 Lbs Loss


From dad bod to no dad bod. What a healthy looking dad you are. Your kids will be over the moon to see how far you’ve come.

The fact that you only lost 35 pounds shows you gained a lot of muscle since then. Quitting alcohol really goes along the way.

During a six month relapse, one lady defied the odds for one of the most beautiful stories ever.

I Took The Picture On The Left Almost 17 Months Ago, Outside An Emergency Room, At Sunrise, Something Told Me I Didn’t Want To Forget That Moment. I Forget Easily. I’m Going Public With This Now Simply Because I Need To Advocate For Recovery More


You’re very brave for posting these pictures. The transformation is truly incredible, and you look a good ten years younger. Keep up the excellent work because you’re going to motivate others.

Thank you for your advocacy, and good luck on your continued journey!

Left Is Me In The ICU From An Overdose. Decided I Was Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired And Am 6 Months Clean And Sober Today


What a happy smile! You’re such a lovely woman. It’s good to see life reinvested in you because of the good decisions you’ve made. Thanks to your strength and the resilience of your goals, you have so much life ahead of you.

Take baby steps and don’t rush into anything.

On The Left – 2009 During A 6 Month Relapse After I Left My Daughter’s Dad And Tried To Convince Myself That Without Him, I Didn’t Have An Addiction


A beautiful story right here! Such hard work came with a beautiful result. Keep it going! And that arm sleeve is gorgeous. I’m so happy for you that I fell in love with the story.

Sometimes, you have to hit rock bottom to climb up and make a good bounce back.

Losing over 100 pounds in an 18-month span was an incredible task that you need to read ahead to see the results.

One Year Of No Alcohol Has Changed My Life. I Lost 53 Pounds And I’m 1000 Times Happier. I Tried To Recreate My Bloated Pic


The fact that you lost 53 pounds is impressive and inspiring. Legitimately speaking, you look like a different person. Well done, my man! Heck, you even went as far as changing the hideous curtains.

That’s a huge indication that being sober alters your perception of reality.

One Month Sober From Alcohol And Drugs


Great job! Keep up the goals and don’t pick up another Budweiser! What a difference a month makes and I’m rooting for you. Stay strong; you look stunning after a month of putting down the bottle.

I can’t wait to see what you will look like once you reach a year of being sober.

Lost 170 Lbs In 18 Months. Sobriety, Diet, And Exercise Have Paid Off


Only in an 18-month span? High five, my dude! That’s an incredible goal to tackle. It can be challenging to get into shape, but extra motivation and dieting will go a long way.

It’s all about baby steps and taking it one step at a time. It’s not a race.

Coming up, what a year of sobriety and losing 60 pounds looks like.

I’m Coming Up On My First Year Of Sobriety. It’s Crazy What A Difference A Year Can Make


Astounding! You’re a champion right here. It’s a proud moment you should be able to share with everyone else. Keep going, you’re transformation is truly amazing.

It’s incredible you came out from under that rock and you can see the pride in her face over this accomplishment.

Today I Am Three Years Sober. This Is Day 1 After Being Assaulted And Last Week


Atta girl! You could not have said that better. It’s a huge relief when you finally put down the bottle, but it’s not always easy. And, doing things that are better for yourself can really go a long way.

You know you are all you need and a pretty lady like you beat those odds.

What A Year Of Sobriety And 60 Pounds Lost Looks Like


He’s a completely different person. A right glow up for the better. You’re very good looking, and I’m sure any girl would be lucky to go have you.

It’s an achievement that you can look back on like ten years from now. Instead of being ashamed, be proud of what you accomplished.

The next one ahead is what happens when you’re sober after two years of having your last drink.

Before And After 307 Days Sober


I’m so glad you’re sober now. One of the hardest parts of getting sober is losing your drinking buddy. But in this case, the rabbit is a support factor to put down the bottle.

Unfortunately, I don’t think bunnies are considered a plus one for wedding dates.

So Proud Of My Brother. Celebrated One Year Of Sobriety And Also Being One Person Lighter. Just Awesome


This is just wonderful. Well done! And you are much healthier looking than before. The fact that you’re wearing the exact same outfit from a year ago is genuinely motivating. Even doggo looks like they got in shape too.

Plus, they both got haircuts too! That’s so adorable.

Here Is What 826 Days Sober Looks Like. Left Is Me June 11th 2014, On The Right Is Me Today. Recovery Is Possible


I love this! Sometimes, it feels like you get to a point where it all seems like it was a bad dream. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of discipline to push through.

Your healing from the inside-out shows in your eyes. Great job!

Lost 105 Lbs In 15 Months. First I Quit Drinking. Three Months Later I Changed My Diet (Cut Carbs And Portion Control). Finally, About 12 Months Of Working Out. Change Is Possible No Matter What Your Age Is


I’m glad you added in that you dieted and worked out. Putting the bottle down doesn’t magically make you healthy. Other lifestyles choices are a factor into your road to feeling better.

The important thing is understanding that working out helps you physically, but more significant, it helps you mentally as well.

This Woman, Who Dropped Out Of School At The Age Of 14, Battled Alcoholism And Depression To Become An A&E Doctor 15 Years Later

You’re proof that anything is possible! Anything can happen with love, support, and determination. If you’re coming from nothing, there are options if you are willing to put in the effort. I can’t imagine how much she has been through to get to this moment finally.

I’m so happy for you.