Girl Was Forced Out Of Prom After Volunteers Saw Something They Couldn’t Believe

One of the greatest events of a teenager’s life is senior prom. After four long years of high school, seniors can’t wait for the night where they get to let loose and live it up with their friends before they part ways after graduating. Clare Ettinger was one teen who wanted her senior prom to turn out perfectly and after finding the right dress, she thought it would be. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as she hoped.

A High School Tradition

Prom is a rite of passage for many teenagers, even if you don’t attend an actual high school. Such was the case for 17-year-old Clare Ettinger of Richmond, Virginia. Despite the fact that she was homeschooled, she and fellow homeschool students are thrown a prom every year.

Thankful that she didn’t get to miss out on this teenage milestone, Ettinger could hardly wait when the day of her senior prom came around in 2014.