It’s Still Technically Summer, But These New Fall Products Are Making Us Crave Pumpkin Spice

Fall is here! Well, not really, but these companies are definitely ready for it. If you’re a basic bish and fall is your favorite season, then you need to check out this list. Do you get excited for Bath and Body Works fall candles? Would you take a bath in pumpkin spice lattes? Of course you would, because it’s fall and that’s what fall is all about.

Keep reading to experience the fall vibes. It’s still hot out, but we’re preemptively putting on our chunky sweaters.

Pumpkin Spice Cheerios


Photo Credit: @dkingstudios / Instagram

Have these been around in autumns past? I’ve recently gotten back into Apple Cinnamon Cheerios just in time for fall, and then they come out with the ultimate fall Cheerio flavor?

Is everybody else as excited as I am? This lady’s face just isn’t matching my level of excitement.