Bad Boys Who Are Trying Their Best To Be Good Doggos

No dog can resist occasional mischief. These pups have done some bad things, but they’re still good at heart. Sometimes it just feels good to be bad — even if it means you’ll be publically shamed on Instagram.

Read ahead for pups living their best lives…and then facing the consequences. A guilty corgi who’s ready to binge eat and a sad lab who really doesn’t want to go to jail are in your future.

Dunce Cap Doggo


Photo Credit: remmy_the_frenchie / Instagram

Remmy the French bulldog did something very bad, and now he has to wear a hat and sit in the corner. The very bad thing may or may not have to do with a litter box.

Remmy is usually a very good boy, but today he did a bad thing, and he is sorry. With a face like that, we have to forgive him!