Cats Who Have A Striking Resemblance To A Famous Person

Cats are incredible creatures. They’re very independent but can also be very affectionate and social. Cats also have beautiful coats of fur with unique markings, and sometimes, those markings can make them look like someone familiar. These cats’ resemblances to celebrities and public figures will leave you in stitches. You may never look at your cat the same, again.

Salvador Alley Cat


The great thing about cats is that they sport all different types of patterns on their fur. And sometimes those patterns resemble every-day things (or people). Take this kitty – his resemblance to artist Salvador Dali is uncanny! Dali was known for his unusual facial hair and the way he twisted his mustache up and off his upper lip. In July 2017, Spanish officials exhumed his body to get some DNA samples and amazingly enough, his mustache was perfectly intact. It was described as being preserved in the “classic 10-past-10 position.” Dali was embalmed in 1989, so it’s impressive that the ‘stache lasted that long!