For These People, Being Cheap REALLY Didn’t Pay Off The Way They Expected It To

Being financially responsible is very important. Any time you’re able to save a buck or two on something, it’s a win. With that being said, there’s a difference between getting a deal and getting ripped off or just being too lazy.

Sometimes the price helps dictate the quality and effectiveness of a product. There are specific items that you just shouldn’t go the cheap route. And sometimes doing research on a product before buying it is very necessary, as you’ll see here…

What A Steal

Photo Credit: Twitter / @lilveggiez
Photo Credit: Twitter / @lilveggiez

This is why it’s so important to vet the item you’re going to buy online. Someone needs to tell this mom that if a pair of leggings is only $3, there needs to be a further investigation.

She probably thought the “Bratz” brand was edgy and rebellious. She thought it would “bring back her youth” which in one way was kind of true.