Grandparents Are Officially The Only People Who Are Allowed To Be This Extra

Grandparents are the ultimate hype squad. They always slide you $20 as you leave their house no matter how old you are, they have a feast waiting on standby at all times, and if you needed, they’d probably help you bury a body then show off how proud they are with a cross stitch hung in their living room.

Despite all the unconditional love they have for us, we hardly take the time to appreciate them fully. Grandparents have raised their kids (and grandkids), gone through world wars, depressions, and inequality so they deserve to be as extra as they want in their old age. I mean, only Grandma could get away with grabbing George Clooney as he’s walking by, right?

The Ultimate Keg Stand

grandma kegstand.jpg

Photo credit: @MaddieRae5/Twitter

When this grandma stepped up to the plate and laid down a surprisingly amazing keg stand at her grandson’s graduation, the crowd went wild.

This is one of those moments when the grandkids take a step back and realize that their grandparents probably partied harder than they ever will.