If These Hilariously Snarky Note-Writers Wrote A Novel They’d Be NYT Best Sellers In A Heartbeat

It’s a special talent to be able to convey your story on a piece of paper in an elegant, yet entertaining way. Being able to write a strongly-worded and effective note is becoming an art of the past as technology quickly engulfs us.

Thankfully, there are still brilliant wordsmiths that aren’t just seen on the best seller’s list. They’re actually our neighbors and co-workers. If you don’t believe me, just wait until you see all of the angry notes that are compiled in this article because they’ll have you rolling in laughter.

This Is Actually Very True

Photo Credit: Imgur / iSmirked
Photo Credit: Imgur / iSmirked

There are many low and selfish acts that can be done, but this has got to top the list. Who steals plants?

I’ll tell you who, a serial killer. I’m not a scientist or a doctor, but this has to be the first sign that someone has dead bodies in their basement. Again, no studies to prove this but I’m going with my gut feeling here.