Makeup Disasters That Make Us Feel Better About Our Slightly Uneven Eyeliner Wings

Being a makeup lover isn’t all fun and games. Sometimes the thing we love most can cause the most damage. Some makeup mishaps are small and managable— nothing a little bit of high coverage concealer can’t fix.

But sometimes we face disasters so tragic that even the most powerful setting spray can’t protect our faces from the inevitable tears. There’s nothing worse than that post-workout makeup nightmare! Read ahead to see contour gone wrong and the aftermath of a canine invasion.

Flashback Mary


Photo Credit: @mckennauzz / Twitter

Looks like makeup guru James Charles stepped out of the house with too much photography-unfriendly powder on his face. The result: Flashback Mary.

The name comes from Twitter user @evanjaquez who posted this picture along with the caption: “If you chant Covergirl three times flashback mary will show up and put too much setting powder on you.”