Misleading Product Packaging Is The Perfect Reminder Why You Should Trust No One

A lot of us want to believe that the companies that sell us our favorite foods are telling us the truth. When they say it’s half the calories or double the serving size, we believe them. That naïve spirit is exactly why it hurts so much more after we uncover their lies.

You think you can trust someone, and then you open your footlong hot dog to find out there’s only a 6-inch inside. These misleading food packages are precisely why we have trust issues.

This Feels Like It Was Purchased In An Airport For $15


I know that Waitrose is a supermarket chain, but this reeks of being an airport rip-off. The worst part is that they can get away with it because you have no other options.

You’re stuck in the terminal, and your only option for food is to either eat a 1-lb bag of M&Ms from the duty-free shop or this sandwich.

100% More Lies


Campbell’s soup has been around for nearly 150 years, so it’s understandable that they’re running out of new ways to market their products. Exhausting all your marketing ideas shouldn’t immediately lead to lying though.

I would love to know if they strategically send different cans to different stores in the hopes no one would notice.

Buy 8 For The Price Of 10 And Get 2 Free!


This package of sausage feels like the reincarnation of a shady politician. They’ll seem nice on the surface, and they even made genuine promises to get you to buy into them.

Then you look a little closer, and you realize they’re just repackaging the same old stuff with a new tagline. Congrats, you played yourself.

The item coming up is to blame for thousands of temper tantrums every year.

So There Are Only 3 In This 12 Pack?


When I buy something like this, I’ve already mentally prepared for the day I’m going to eat it. Usually, it accounts for a major part of a meal. Now that I’ve found out it’s twelve mini rolls my entire week has been thrown off.

By the end of the week, I’ll be eating ice cubes for dinner because this product was misleading.

Your Lies Are Bigger Than These "Jumbo" Shrimps


Beware of any product that has strategic parts of its package covered by text or solid blocks of color. The scam usually lies just underneath it.

Granted, whoever bought this should have known that no shrimp on earth could be that long. The only bright side of this is that they beheaded the shrimp for you. Thanks… I guess.

You’re Going To Have Quite A Few Angry Toddlers Out There


Why did they even bother dressing this lollipop up as a panda? It honestly wouldn’t have made a difference. If they had just left it blank, no kid would get their hopes up just to come crashing down.

Now kids around the world are crying at the petting zoo because of this blatant packaging lie.

The next photo is a reminder why hotels are some of the biggest product scammers out there.

Never Believe Anything Is "Complimentary" At A Hotel


Complimentary bottled water? More like complimentary of your wallet. Hotels used to be a place where everything was inclusive, and now they’ve become entirely commodified. You can’t even watch TV without them charging you a fee.

The last hotel I stayed in didn’t even offer a continental breakfast. Why would anyone stay in a hotel without free breakfast?

Perfect If You Have One Kid That Wants Cheese Only


This is actually the perfect pizza if you’re a five-year-old picky eater that only eats cheese pizza. For every other adult in the world, this pizza is kind of like a stab in the back.

The single adults of the world need to know that supermarket frozen pizzas will never betray them.

It’s Mostly Air Anyways


I want to get mad at this, but I feel like we don’t have enough information. We need to see how many grams of chips are in each bag.

Everyone knows that chip bags are mostly filled with air, so who knows, maybe the small bag actually holds more chips.

The next photo is a reminder you shouldn’t bother upsizing at fast food chains.

A Medium Versus Small Size Drink


It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, yet we as a society continue to fall for it. This photo shows that a medium and a small size McCafe drink holds the same amount of liquid, but that the small cup is just shorter and wider.

Forget all the stuff about obesity and unhealthy food, this is the reason we should boycott McDonald’s.

What Did We Do To You To Deserve This, Poland? Oh… Wait


After years of being invaded from every side, this is Poland’s way of getting back at the world. They thought about putting in place harsh tariffs or torpedoing everyone’s foreign policy.

Instead, they hit us where it hurts the most: with the food we love. Now excuse me while I eat this sad, sad chocolate bar.

Save 1/3 Because You’re Only Getting That Much In The Package


Is it just me, or does this always happen with salmon? It’s almost as if the grocery stores know we’re all extra-gullible when it comes to this specific type of seafood.

At least this supermarket tried to make us feel better by “saving” us one-third of the cost.

The brownie company coming up claimed one thing on the front of its label, and another on the back.

We Always Knew The Irish Were Tricky Like This


I’m sure not every person in Ireland is tricky, but all I’m saying is that leprechauns are Irish and by definition, they are tricksters.

So, is it really a surprise that this Irish cheese would try to fool us with this packaging? These are the things you have to be aware of when you’re grocery shopping.

This Is NOT How You Sonic


It doesn’t matter if your food comes to you faster than the speed of sound if it’s wrong. Whatever Sonic worker packaged this normal hotdog in a footlong package did it with malicious intent.

They knew what they were doing, and they still decided to purposely ruin someone’s day.

It’s A Bold Strategy, Let’s See If It Pays Off


Companies have begun to change their marketing strategy with companies like Wendy’s and Taco Bell being savages on Twitter.

Still, I didn’t expect to see a brownie company claim one thing on the front of its label, and then openly admit on the back to it being a complete lie.

It’s Like They’re Trying To Get Our Significant Others In Trouble


Does this company know what mess they are starting with packaging like this? It’s almost as if they are asking for our significant others to get in trouble.

Imagine getting in a fight with your girlfriend, buying her some chocolate to make up for it, and she opens it to find this travesty.

I Never Thought Hillshire Farm Would Do Us Dirty Like That


The Hillshire Farm holiday charcuterie box is a classic, so why would they go and do something like this? I faithfully buy this box year after year as a gift for the casual acquaintances in my life.

Now it makes sense why the people I’ve been gifting these boxes to have suddenly stopped talking to me.

NAFTA Was Actually Created To Facilitate The Free Trade Of AriZonas


Is it a coincidence that AriZona started selling their drink products in 1992, and NAFTA was put in place in 1994? I think not.

The elaborate trade deal between Canada, America, and Mexico was all (probably) centered around the fact that Americans need their AriZona Arnold Palmers, and Canada was ready to provide them.

Imagine Paying $2.99 For Roughly 20 Gummy Bears


Honestly, whoever did this is pretty crafty. I absolutely hate them for it, but I can’t knock the hustle.

Hopefully, the gummy bears were for a toddler who won’t actually notice they got scammed, and will only care about the fact they get to keep the pretty cup.

The Power Of Graphic Design


Olio probably spent thousands of dollars on the design behind this label, and it was obviously well worth it because they fooled me. It took me a while to notice the "sunflower oil" text.

Their strategy is clever. Anyone who buys the product before noticing the mistake would likely be too embarrassed to argue it.