People Hilariously Tweet About The Experience Of Something We See As Common Happening For The First Time, And We Are Shook

Can we just get a huge round of applause for the internet and all of its glory? Once again, it wins. This time that win comes in the form of people wondering what it was like when something we see as common happened for the first time, and how that came about.

Like, what were the circumstances that made someone want to eat an egg after it just came out of a chicken’s butt? Who decided to scramble it? Make it over-easy? Sunny-side up? These are questions that the internet asked and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Do Almonds Have Nipples?

Photo Credit: Twitter / @AntAnstead
Photo Credit: Twitter / @AntAnstead

This is a serious question that has confused me for so long. How do you milk an almond?

I want to see that process take place. That person’s friend must’ve thought that they were crazy for trying to milk the, uh, nipples of an almond. The joke is on them, I guess?