Puberty Was Kind To These Folks, So Clearly There’s Hope For Everybody

They call them the blunder years for a reason. These people know them all too well. It takes a lot of strength to go through your middle school years as an awkward person. Most people are super awkward between the ages of ten and seventeen, but some of us were more awkward than others.

These people have puberty to thank for their impressive glow ups. Keep reading to see some absolutely shocking transformations.

At Least The Headgear Did Its Job

Photo Credit: Treklow / Reddit
Photo Credit: Treklow / Reddit

Can you imagine walking around with headgear on your face every single day? This girl must have built SO much character.

I like that the headgear is pink. It’s like, you’re going to be ugly, but you can at least be bright and colorful and ugly.