Puberty Was Kind To These Folks, So Clearly There’s Hope For Everybody

They call them the blunder years for a reason. These people know them all too well. It takes a lot of strength to go through your middle school years as an awkward person. Most people are super awkward between the ages of ten and seventeen, but some of us were more awkward than others.

These people have puberty to thank for their impressive glow ups. Keep reading to see some absolutely shocking transformations.

At Least The Headgear Did Its Job

Photo Credit: Treklow / Reddit

Can you imagine walking around with headgear on your face every single day? This girl must have built SO much character.

I like that the headgear is pink. It’s like, you’re going to be ugly, but you can at least be bright and colorful and ugly.

Age 13 Vs. Age 23

Photo Credit: caffinequeenxo / Reddit

Sometimes you have to grow into your head. That haircut wasn’t doing her any favors either.

Honestly, I like glasses, but those glasses were just way too small and way too oval-shaped. Thank goodness for contact lenses and eyebrow threading.

Nine Years Later

Photo Credit: camel33 / Reddit

I think… I think I need some more proof that the person on the left is the same person as the person on the right.

I bet there are a lot of girls who were in this guy’s ninth-grade class who are kicking themselves right now.

No Makeup, No Problem

Photo Credit: curriespice / Reddit

This girl was pretty cute before puberty, but now she’s legitimately gorgeous. Shout out to this girl’s dentist, who is clearly the real MVP.

Also, this is not an ad for Crest Whitestrips, but she mentioned that she used them, so take that as you will.

She’s Not Thirteen Anymore

Photo Credit: Gemjar21 / Reddit

Is it just me, or does the 13-year-old version of this girl look like Tina from Bob’s Burgers?

Bangs and small rectangular red glasses wasn’t really working for her. Now she kind of looks like Allison Williams, and that is definitely a compliment.

From Twelve To Twenty-Two

Photo Credit: Brithoward / Reddit

This girl grew into her chin, her ears, basically her whole face. She lost the braces, grew out those unfortunate bangs, and thank goodness she got rid of that palm tree necklace.

The lighting in the picture on the right is also top notch.

Fourth Grade Was Rough

Photo Credit: SultrySloth / Reddit

Small rectangular glasses are becoming a theme for awkward preteen girls. In the picture on the left, this girl was in fourth grade, and in the picture on the right, she’s twenty-two.

I especially like that she wore her Girl Scouts uniform to picture day.

What A Difference Four Years Makes

Photo Credit: Khodg / Reddit

Orange just isn’t anybody’s color. Makeup is actually wonderful. This girl didn’t look bad before, but it’s so great that we have the ability to express ourselves and be creative with makeup. It’s like face paint for adults.

Her hair also looks super great in the picture on the right.

Who Doesn’t Love A Ginger Bae?

Photo Credit: jacobyflynn / Reddit

I don’t care what anybody says about ginger men. Our society has not been kind to pale boys with fire engine locks.

Now he looks like a hunky Weasley or at least a very attractive Hogwarts student. 10/10 jawline. His hair lowkey resembles Conan O’Brien’s, but I’m kind of into it.

Twenty Years Later

Photo Credit: MillerTime56 / Reddit

This lady went from McLovin to Tina Fey. I love that she didn’t ditch her glasses on her glow-up journey. They’re the perfect accessory to build around.

You just have to find the right glasses for your face. Who decided that she should have that haircut though?

From Tomboy To Goddess

Photo Credit: [deleted] / Reddit

She was twelve-years-old in the picture on the left, and twenty-years-old in the picture on the right.

Have I mentioned that I love redheads? I’m going to say it again. Redheads are awesome. I am jealous of every person with red hair.

It’s Been A Crazy Decade

Photo Credit: cocoamilky / Reddit

This girl really figured herself out between the ages of fourteen and twenty-three. There are those rectangular glasses again.

I love that she found her personal style and that her makeup skills are on point. That cut crease is perfection.

Puberty And Private Dentistry

Photo Credit: selinaf910 / Reddit

Who remembers those shrugs that everyone wore in 2007? Why did we like them? They are pretty unfortunate looking, but we all had like five of them.

This is a Neville Longbottom level transformation. Props to this girl (and to her very talented dentist).

A Hair Glow Up

Photo Credit: GingaNinja98 / Reddit

I know we’ve arrived at the third redhead on this list, but what can I say? Redheads know how to glow up.

I really love the lipstick color she’s wearing in the picture on the right. There’s an ombre sort of thing going on and I’m very into it.

I Hope He Still Listens To The Ramones

Photo Credit: poppiesca / Reddit

This guy definitely put in the work for his glow up. That light colored suit looks fantastic on him. Also, he lost like fifty percent of his body weight which is impressive as heck.

I think we’re all happy that our teenage years are behind us (unless you’re still a teenager, in which case, I’m so sorry).

Double The Transformation

Photo Credit: uncoolcatfromspace / Reddit

This beautiful couple has been together for ten years. They’re sixteen years old in the first picture, and twenty-six in the second picture.

Couples who glow up together stay together. They both got so stylish. I’m loving their matching blue outfits, and that Norwegian dress is bomb.

Is This Real Life

Photo Credit: Teddyzander / Reddit

Holy Shmowza that guy is attractive. He looks like a movie star from a time when people were significantly better looking than they are now.

He lost 110 pounds in eighteen months, started rowing for his university, and got his MSc in mathematics. How is this a real human?

Life Moves In Mysterious Ways

Photo Credit: meganam38 / Reddit

Between the ages of seventeen and twenty-four, this girl cured her cystic acne, lost fifty pounds, got braces, and sorted her life out.

It’s crazy how life works sometimes. The moral of this story is to be nice to everybody all the time because you never know…

From Gollum To Gorgeous

Photo Credit: MissBrightside13 / Reddit

Congratulations to this girl for actually growing into her forehead. In ten years this lady got braces, learned how to fill in her eyebrows, figured out how to work her hairline, and became drop-dead gorgeous.

She was cute as an eleven-year-old, but now she’s stunning.

From 11 To 21

Photo Credit: Chief-_-Queef / Reddit

This girl says that her dad used to call her ugly Betty and that she took it as a compliment.

That green coat and shaggy scarf combo is definitely ugly duckling material. I’m glad to see that she was smiling when she was eleven, and she’s still smiling now.