The Hilariously Dark Side Of Black Friday And The Crazy People Who Participate

Everyone likes a good deal, but it’s pretty terrifying how far some people are willing to go to save a few bucks. I get that a new kitchen set can be expensive, but so can a trip to the hospital.

No matter how many times we turn on the TV on the Saturday after Black Friday, we’re still not so shocked at the mayhem people put themselves through for the newest toys and gadgets. These are just some of those stories.

When You’re Sick But It’s Black Friday

Look, there’s nothing that’s going to stop this person from getting those sales. They might be on their deathbed, but they’re still making their way over to Best Buy for those half priced VCRs.

The best part about this? No one would be double looking at them because they’re too focused on getting their bread.

The Weird Advertisements

Reddit / obviousplant

One of the most intriguing things to read around Black Friday time is the flyers. Every company tries to not only give the best deals, but make the most creative ads too.

This one is catering to a niche segment of the population — the centaurs. I’m happy for them though. They never get any attention.

So Close Yet So Far


This poor journalist. It was their first time getting their story on the front page and then, BOOM. Black Friday deals just trampled all over it like you just trampled that fire ant.

You have to feel for this person who certainly had their day ruined by these Black Friday ads.

You Adapt To The Sales

Instagram / @meme.w0rld

This mom set out to buy her daughter some tap shoes, but none of them were on sale. So, she adapted to the Black Friday sales and bought these flats and improvised the heel.

This is a skill that every mom or dad SERIOUS about going Black Friday shopping has to have.

The Poor Employees

Reddit / @mem12791

If you ask anyone in retail about how they feel about Black Friday, you’re going to get a collective sigh. Literally no one likes having to deal with the customers on that day.

Just look at this one getting mobbed by about seventy people who don’t care about your humanity. They just want the paper towels.

The Campers

Reddit / Nhsunray

These are the crazies. You need to stay away from people like this. They’ll have no problem trampling over a newborn baby if it means that they’re going to get that half-priced flatscreen.

If you’re willing to CAMP OUTSIDE of a Target, you’re officially not a human being. I’m sorry.

The Black Friday Damage


After a day of seeing record amounts of customers, the stores naturally get trashed. If you see what a Walmart looks like after Black Friday, you would be astonished.

It looks like someone just ran a bulldozer through the middle of it, when it was just a crazy mom trying to get to the stuffed bears section.

Online Shopping Is Dangerous

Imgur / anylin

If you think that going in-store is crazy on Black Friday, just remember that online shopping is messed up too.

All of the sites are slower than molasses and stuff like this happens way too often. This person just bought 50 cat costumes and now has to deal with the consequences of it.

Now That’s A Deal

Reddit / eiforastero

I’m not going to lie, I don’t really like Corn Flakes. With that being said, if I’m going to be getting $177 dollars off of ANYTHING, I’ll buy it.

Heck, if there’s a hamster wheel that has that good of a deal, I’ll buy it, and I don’t even have a hamster.

The Black Friday Online Campout


This is more understandable than if you grab a tent and go sleep in front of a Walmart. It’s still weird, but it’s more private.

You don’t have to look other people in the eye and see the shame that you both have over the fact that you’re doing this for a crappy hunting bow.

The Cutest Black Friday Shoppers

Let’s get real for a second. No one who is waiting outside of a mall at 4 AM is cute. I know that’s a little bit shallow, but it’s the truth.

They all look like they just got out of a wind tunnel and have never seen a clothing iron in their life.

The Prank Opportunities

Reddit / weeleeyumm

This kid just dressed up as a Target employee and was bossing people around. It’s the perfect day to pull pranks like this. All of the actual employees are scrambling and don’t have enough time or space to confront the fraud.

Once you put that badge on you have all of the power.

This Is A Weird Dichotomy

Reddit / EpicTilley

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time when we appreciate what we have. We get to sit back and look at all of our friends and family and truly soak in all the positive vibes they give us.

But, that sentiment lasts about four seconds, or until those Black Friday doors open.

Road Rage

Studies show that more car crashes happen on Black Friday than any other day of the year. I don’t have the stats to back that up, but just take my word for it.

This should be all of the anecdotal evidence you need to see just how crazy the roads are on that day.

When Dunkin Donuts Has A Sale

Reddit / discountphilly

There are two different scenarios that could be happening here. First of all, these police officers are on their way to the Dunkin Donuts sale just down the road. Half price coffee and donuts.

Either that, or they’re heading over to do crowd control at the paper towel aisle of Target. My thoughts are still with that employee.

We Have Our Answer

Reddit / theregoesmyday

Crowd control at Target was the correct answer. This person was butting in line in the most disrespectful way. This cop had to taze him. He still didn’t let go of the paper towel.

If you think a little shock is going to make him give up his prized possession that he worked hard for, you’re wrong.

The Line Up Begins Early


It’s not going to be surprising at all if people have to start lining up months before Black Friday in order to get the deals.

At this rate, it’s going to happen. Gone are the days when going early in the morning was going to be an acceptable strategy. Ugh.

The Next Best Thing

Reddit / nik16

You’ve probably seen the website that is literally just about people who go to Walmart and roam their aisles. These are some of America’s finest.

But, if we made a Reality TV show just based on the drama that is seen on the security cameras, we could be in for a new Emmy winner.

The Items Are, Uh, Interesting

Reddit / matlockga

Even the most absurd items will get sold on Black Friday. If you see a pillow with Nicolas Cage and he’s wishing you sweet dreams, you get it.

There’s no if, ands, or buts. You buy this. You might look right past it on any other day but Black Friday. It expands your taste.

They’ll Sell Anything


Even stuff like this will sell. I don’t know if you’ve ever had defecation tea before, but I’d love to know what it tastes like without actually tasting it.

I have a feeling they got a little lazy and it was supposed to be decaffeinated tea. But to each their own.