The Internet Is Redefining “Third Base” And Honestly, The Results Will Make Your Prude Grandparents SO Happy

For decades upon decades, young people have debated what the true meaning of “third base” is when it comes to dating and hooking up. Some used the term in reference to a sexual act, while others used it to define how far their new relationship has gone emotionally.

Well, this article probably isn’t going to help that debate because the internet weighed in on the topic and it’s absolutely hilarious. Hundreds of people threw in their interpretations of the term and, once again, the internet won the battle.

The Social Media Dump

Photo Credit: Twitter / @hypedresonance
Photo Credit: Twitter / @hypedresonance

Once you get to the point in a relationship when you feel the need to start blocking each other on social media, you’re not only at third base — you’re running past it.

Before Facebook and Instagram, you could break up with someone and never have to see them again. Now, you get to see everything they’re doing at basically any given time. Blocking is the only way to completely delete someone from your life.