The “Labia Onesie” Is So Bad, It United The Internet

Recently, online clothing shop Cassie’s Corner innocently decided to share a photo of their bright pink romper on Facebook. They probably expected some likes, shares, and a few people to purchase it, but Facebook just couldn’t handle it. The volume, the extreme pant leg, the risky off-the-shoulder. It was all too much and the internet quickly dubbed it the “labia onesie” and you’ll soon see why.

It can be hard to keep up with fashion trends, but this jumpsuit might have taken it a step too far. Everyone has different tastes, but I think we’ve finally discovered one clothing item that everyone agrees was a bad idea from start to finish.

You Can See Why They Call It The Labia Onesie

the wild jumpsuit .jpg

Photo credit: Cassie’s Corner / Facebook

Do I really need to explain why the women of Facebook labeled this romper after a body part? If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll let you google it on your own.

I think it’s the color of the romper combined with the small opening between the pant legs that ruined it for all of us.

People Can’t Understand How It Even Happened

made through production.jpg

Photo credit: Honey Spoon / Facebook

Understandably, people were in shock that this romper could even make it through production. We’d all like to believe that the fashion industry has some sort of system to check all the crazy ideas that come from designers.

It sounds like we need to set up a legislative and judicial branch of the fashion government so that this never happens again.

Some People Are Able To See The Bright Side

suitable for bridesmaids.jpg

Photo credit: Leslie Phipps / Facebook & @weddiesbridewear / Instagram

There are always a few optimistic people on Facebook that can see the bright side in anything. Leslie was quick to point out that this is an option for the selfish bride who is worried her bridesmaids might try to steal the show.

Keep reading to see people pick apart the flaws in the labia onesie’s design.

Moms See It As A Cheaper Form Of Birth Control

cheaper than birth control.jpg

Photo credit: Heather Sitek / Facebook

In a twist of fate, the labia onesie might actually be useful for some women out there. Heather was kind enough to point out that it’s a perfect form of birth control for her daughter.

If you want to grab a drink at the bar, but you don’t want to be approached by anyone, it’s the perfect fashion choice.

Or That It Can Save A Pretty Penny If You Have Kids

perfect for sneaking kids.jpg

Photo credit: Lisamarie Annunciata / Facebook

If you already have kids, it’s a little too late to use the onesie as a form of birth control. But don’t fret, you can still use the volume of the pant legs to help out moms on a budget.

Lisamarie was kind enough to point out that spending $30 on the labia onesie now could help save a lot of money in the long-run.

But Some People Also Started To Ask The Tough Questions

how to go to bathroom.jpg

Photo credit: Michell Rogers / Facebook

But there’s only so many ways you can justify this romper. Michell was one of many to point out the flaws. Most women know that going to the washroom in a romper is hard enough. You’re basically just sitting in the stall butt naked. Now imagine that but with yards and yards of fabric all around you.

The next woman brought up a good point about whether or not the jumpsuit would even stay up.

Is This Romper Logistically Sound?

trust that elastic.jpg

Photo credit: Kathy Cornutt Hayes / Facebook

The answer is no. Once you look past the absurdity of this romper, that much fabric being held up by an elastic doesn’t even make sense.

Unless they make this romper out of 2-ply toilet paper, that thing is going to slip down as soon as you leave the house.

Would The Romper Just End Up Stereotyping You?

potato salad marshmallows.jpg

Photo credit: El Sloan / Facebook

An even bigger issue that people started to discuss was who would seriously wear this romper? Odds are, there is a handful of people out there that thinks this romper is the next big fashion trend.

That handful of people are probably suburban moms who try to keep up with the trends in all the wrong way.

It Was Clear That A New Trend Had Hit The Ground Running

onesie over the hat.jpg

Photo credit: Sarah Bennage / Facebook & @thetempestlife / Instagram

Whether or not it was a good or bad trend, it’s obvious that the labia onesie won’t be going away anytime soon. It may not be a feminist symbol like the Women’s March hat, but it’s making the same amount of waves.

If you ever see someone on the street wearing this romper, but sure to ask yourself if they are seriously in love with it, or if they’re trying to sneak two kids into the movies.

But At The End Of The Day, The Labia Onesie Brought Us Together

brought us all together.jpg

Photo credit: Karla Rosenbusch / Facebook

And if there’s anything we can take away from everything the labia onesie has done for us, it’s that it has brought a divided community together. People love to argue on Facebook, but this ridiculous romper brought us all together in the sense of shared ridiculousness. All hail the labia onesie.

The next few photos will prove that the labia onesie isn’t the only bad romper out there.

It’s Not The First Time A Romper Has Been This Bad

pants only romper .jpg

Photo credit: fifthdayofmay / Reddit

This isn’t the first time the fashion industry has taken a trend too far. We all love a good romper because they’re flirty, fun, and casual.

But sometimes a designer will go too far like take dress pants and stretch them up to your chest. At least this one has a belt instead of just a flimsy elastic to hold it up.

Designers Have Never Been Scared Of Volume

plaid rompers.jpg

Photo credit: @waywardcollection / Instagram

Yes, the labia onesie’s pant legs have so much volume that you could probably parachute off a cliff with them, but they’re not as bad as this plaid romper.

This romper from Wayward looks like a cross between Little House On The Prairie fashion and when Veruca Salt blows up like a blueberry in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.

Never Forget The Romphims


Photo credit: @kylejthrill / Instagram

The fashion industry must have run out of ways to ruin women’s rompers because they decided men’s rompers should be a thing. I’m all for not gendering fashion, but men in short rompers that unbutton all the way to their junk should not be a thing.

If you thought the industry took rompers too far, keep reading to see how they continue to ruin one of the most basic clothing items.

Designers Do Worse Things To Demin Than To Rompers

clear knee jeans.jpg

Photo credit: @sarahandersontv / Instagram

Hot take: I think that fashion has done more wrong things to denim jeans than to rompers. There’s only so many ways you can ruin a romper, but it seems like there are endless possibilities for designing ugly jeans.

We may always debate whether skinny, straight-leg, or bell-bottoms are in style. But we can all agree clear plastic knees are never in style.

But Has Fashion Ever Really Made Sense?

extreme cut out jeans.jpg

Photo credit: @crowneevic / Instagram

At least the plastic knees were built into an actual pair of jeans. These “extreme cut out jeans” from Carmar shouldn’t even be classified as pants.

They are basically just strips of denim that happened to be sewn together in a shape that looks like a pant leg. The dad on the right knows how ridiculous these “pants” are.

People Will Actually Pay Money For This Stuff

detachable jeans (1).jpg

Photo credit: @voraciousmind / Instagram

The worst thing with these crazy denim trends is that people will continue to pay money for them. “Detachable jeans” sound functional, but they actually look like a toddler cut your favorite pants in half, and you refuse to throw them out.

If you thought paying money for detachable jeans is terrible, the price of the next pair of jeans from Nordstrom will shock you.

Including $425 For Pre-Muddied Jeans

uddy nordstrom.jpg

Photo credit: @mistersmart1 / Instagram

No, that’s not a typo. Nordstrom marketed a pair of pre-muddied jeans for men that cost $425. Naturally, when the internet found out about this, they freaked out. But it makes sense. Anyone who can afford $425 jeans probably doesn’t do a lot of manual labor.

Paying $30 for a ridiculous labia onesie doesn’t seem too bad now, does it?

Or They’ll Pay For Having No Pants At All

clear pants.jpg

Photo credit: @news965wdbo / Instagram

Even if these clear plastic pants were $1, it would be a dollar too much. Not only are they ugly and don’t cover up anything, but they’re probably also very uncomfortable and sweaty.

Just imagine wearing these out on a summer day and having them stick to your skin and squeak everytime you sit down.

I Think We Can All Agree That Most Of The Time, Fashion Doesn’t Make Any Sense

converse pants.jpg

Photo credit: @_chrisx89 / Twitter

If there’s one thing that the labia onesie and all these terrible denim jean trends have taught us is that we have absolutely no idea how fashion works. It’s the fashion industry’s world, and we’re all just living in it.

All we can do is laugh and accept the fact that we’ll never understand what’s going on in a fashion designer’s mind.

We’ll Try To Stay Hip With The Trends, But We Also Know What’s Best

sleve hoodies.jpg

Photo credit: @dachsiemama / Instagram

Even though we know we’ll never understand what the heck is going on in the fashion industry, we can all just try our best to survive. If you want to try out a trend or bold fashion statement, then do it.

At the end of the day, you know what looks and feels best on you. If what feels best is a labia onesie, then more power to you!