The Most LOL-Worthy Viral Yearbook Photos Ever

We all say and do silly things when we’re teenagers but for these class clowns their yearbook photos will prove just how funny they really were back in the day. You’re sure to a get the giggles from these yearbook photos gone viral.

Peter Griffin

If you’ve ever wondered what Peter Griffin looked like in high school then look no further. Quahog High School’s resident class clown probably thought recess was a class. We don’t even want to know what his SAT score was.

Mr. Staring Contest

We’re sure this teacher was trying to laugh along with his students but ended up getting laughed at by the entire faculty. This yearbook photo will definitely go down in internet history. It’s just too bad that this teacher can’t graduate along with his students.

Who Wants Tickets To The Floor Show?


…Or maybe we should say tickets to the gun show. We’re not exactly sure who approved the title of this yearbook page but it certainly wasn’t the wrestling team’s coach. We bet it was a great match, regardless of the strange headline.

Logic You Just Can’t Argue With

Santa Claus may very well be an African-American. After all, no one has actually seen the jolly legend in person. Jesus was supposedly black too, you know! Way to fight the establishment, Matt.

Sex & The City Will Never Get Old

There once was a time when “Sex & The City” was HBO’s number 1 hit series and it was socially acceptable to quote Carrie Bradshaw whenever possible. According to Sean, the logic of the ladies of New York is overrated and ridiculous. His senior yearbook quote says, “You know the world has come to a dark state when you lower yourself to quoting ‘Sex & The City.'”

Why Do You Need Feminism?

We can’t really argue with Caitlyn’s reason for needing feminism. The high school senior’s quote says, “I need feminism because I intend on marrying rich and I can’t do that if my wife and I are making .75 cents for every dollar a man makes.” It’s a woman’s right to choose her path and she should make just as much money as her male counterparts!

Who Doesn’t Like Bubbles?

We’ll never know if Mason and Noah planned this one out prior to yearbook printing but we’re sure glad this was the end result. This viral yearbook photo only proves that a solid education is the key to humor and success. Noah acquired the humor and Mason probably achieved some sort of success.

Kanye West Is So Inspirational

Should we really be surprised that Kanye West is an inspirational figure to millennials everywhere? Cassidy quotes Yeezy in her yearbook photo by stating, “Sometimes I get emotional over fonts.” Same here, Cassidy.

The Hookey Player

This is what happens when you trust your friend to help you out. His friend took his request literally in what appears to have been a text asking for his buddy to submit a quote for him. We especially like the “Yooo” introduction at the beginning of the quote.

Why, Mom & Dad?

Parents are giving their children awful names these days. Jesus Condom probably didn’t have an easy childhood and it’s a little sad thinking about the jokes his friends made. Luckily for him, he can legally change his name when he turns 18.

Most Likely To Succeed

Kevin Chang is one hardcore competitor! He so boldly states under his yearbook photo, “It’s not enough that I should succeed – others should fail.” We have a feeling this type of mentality develops in the home.

A Passion For Fashion

Maxwell Barrett is one proud and witty student. Things weren’t so easy for the LGBT community 10 years ago and thankfully, things have changed since then. However, we can certainly appreciate Max’s brand of humor and his dapper style.

Old-School Triplet Humor

Their joke may a bit corny, but you have to admit it was a well thought out plan! Knock knock humor jokes may be a thing of the past but since there’s three of them and three lines in the joke, the quote worked out perfectly.

Another Unfortunate Name…

We certainly hope this kid’s name is pronounced differently than how it’s spelled. We also hope that his parents were either sober or had a good reason for naming him Rowdy. We understand that their last name is out of their control but the first name is clearly on them.

No One Pressed Charges?

Someone on the yearbook staff really messed up that year. We could only imagine how angry this high school student is with whoever typed her yearbook quote with a misspelled word that happens to translate to something else entirely. We hope she gets sweet revenge, and that no members of the faculty are actually guilty here.

Future McDonald’s Employee

This student is either a philosophical genius or needs to be committed to a psych ward. Maybe she had a dream that she woke up as a chicken nugget and wanted to share her experience? At least this viral photo gave the internet some good laughs.

Giving Is So Overrated

One of the most popular yearbook photos gone viral is this beauty right here and we definitely understand why. This student may have been kidding but if he wasn’t, the quote is still extremely funny. At least he gives blood and that’s what counts.

Mitt Romney: The Class Clown

Pictured above, we have 2012 Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney! Who knew he was such a jokester with the fellas back in the day? We wonder if he’s aware that this old yearbook snapshot went viral.

“A” For Creative Effort

We need to give some serious props to this yearbook photo set-up, (pun intended). These students, plus one seriously cool teacher, are probably in the drama club. Our first guess was the marine biology club but we don’t think those actually exist in high school.

You Won’t Forget this Photo

Everyone makes fun of their parents’ hair styles and outfits from their hey day, but this girl is giving her future kids way too much materials here. This hair style wasn’t ever popular, clearly this lady has a style all of her own. It looks like part of her ‘do may have collapsed.

Are We Seeing Double?

Ben seems to have replaced Teresa in her yearbook photo… and still has his own, too! We bet Teresa’s parents were pretty upset about the misprint. Not to mention, Ben didn’t look too pleased to have had his picture taken in the first place.

This Probably Isn’t Accurate…

Many powerful figures have been quoted throughout yearbook history and Martin Luther King Jr. is probably on that list hundreds of times. However, we don’t believe the King ever made a public statement regarding tacos. There’s a good chance he liked them, though. Who doesn’t like tacos?

Just Say… Yes!

At the end of what seemed to be a very successful school year for the Just Say No club, the dedicated members gathered together for a group photo. Unfortunately, one student ruined the group’s narrative by wearing a huge YES shirt. Maybe he was trying to be ironic?

Harry Potter & The Head-Wrap

Manar Elkhair bears no resemblance to Professor Quirrell, even though her head-wrap does have some serious wizardry style. Manar tells the world, once and for all, “No, Voldemort is not in my head-wrap.” Hopefully, her yearbook quote finally got her point across.

“Barry” Obama

Who knew Barack Obama formerly went by the nickname “Barry?” The President also had some good taste in music during his high school days. Barry’s afro is good for some laughs, too.

Good Advice From Cleveland Steamer

Obviously, the yearbook editors at this particular high school didn’t catch on to the whole “Cleveland Steamer” gag. Nicholas tried to give his former classmates some sound advice as they approached graduation but the quote just seems kind of disgusting. We’ll admit it’s disgusting in a funny way, though.

Simply Magical

We like where he was going with this. How could you go wrong with rainbow suspenders? We’re only sorry that this photo isn’t full length, because were betting his shoes are amazing. Anyone who bought this yearbook is lucky to have this gem of a photo.

Which Korea Is Best?

The quote may be taken from Kim Jung II but since it’s under this student’s photo, we assume that he agrees with the deceased dictator. He may have been an immigrant showing some patriotic passion for his home country or maybe he has plans to visit someday.

Home Run Who?

Again with the typos! Maybe they should be a little more stringent on members of the yearbook staff and take the elective more seriously. Then again, where is the yearbook teacher if these terrible misspellings are making it through to print?

Is That You, Dracula?

If Marilyn Manson and Bill Nye created a clone in their image, it would be this guy. We wouldn’t expect him to have a yearbook quote to go with this photo. He seems like the strong, silent type.

Four Nguyens

In case you didn’t catch that, the Nguyen girls are not related! Alice, Kim, Theresa and Vivian are tired of their peers thinking that they’re sisters. If this collective yearbook quote doesn’t fix the problem once and for all, we don’t know what will. PS- Someone should redesign this school uniforms!

“That’s What She Said”

This high school graduate figured out the perfect way to reinvent the “That’s what she said” joke. The quip probably stems from his time practicing journalism in grades 9 and 10. He put a good spin on the timeless phrase!

The Prince You’ve Been Searching For…

Segun has finally stepped forward and taken responsibility for all of those anonymous emails he’s been sending. The Nigerian Prince just might be a ladies’ man in disguise but he should stop hiding behind his screen name. It seems his yearbook quote was his way of revealing his true identity.

Mr. Wise Guy

Marlo either didn’t know what quote to submit to the yearbook committee or he has a serious beef the people putting his memories together. “Your quotes are due Friday” may not be an original statement but he makes his point. Marlo doesn’t answer to authority!

The Cubs Really Did Win!

Michael Lee used to have the funniest yearbook quote of all time. Who would’ve thought the Cubs would actually win a World Series? Michael now has the last laugh and has gone viral for his accurate prediction!

Rest In Peace, Dobby

For anyone who didn’t catch Megan’s reference, she’s channeling the house-elf Dobby in her yearbook photo. Like Dobby was given his sock of freedom, Megan is released from high school with her diploma. 10 points to Gryffindor!

At Least She’s Honest…

The yearbook quote may be hysterical but it’s also a little sad. At least this single student looks happy with her decision to remain a loner. The best medicine for sadness is the gift of laughter.

The Original “Poof”

Before Snooki made the “poof” a popular hairstyle, this kid rocked it decades before her. The glasses add a nice touch to the look, too. His expression kind of reminds us of Zoolander’s “Blue Steel” look.

Which One Is Funnier?

Bring your dog to work day? It looks like man’s best friend is actually a member of the staff at this high school. We would have liked to have taken his class! No doubt you could bribe him with treats for good grades!

Another Megan Gone Viral…

We can’t figure out what angle Megan was going for in this picture. We do, however, know the angle that prevailed and it’s just as awkward as it is hilarious. Judging by Megan’s personality and out-of-the-box type thinking, she probably made a lot of great memories in high school…