These Jokes Are Equal Parts Sad And Funny, And Honestly, I Don’t Know How To Feel

Some jokes are purely funny, and some tragedies are purely sad, but the best kinds of entertainment straddle the line between comedy and tragedy. The best jokes make us cry and laugh at the same time. This list contains twenty of the funniest saddest jokes on the internet.

Keep reading if you want to take a ride on an emotional roller coaster. Buckle your seatbelts, keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times, and away we go.

Delete Your Account

Photo Credit: awesomekidhero / Reddit
Photo Credit: awesomekidhero / Reddit

Wow. That is definitely a savage reply. Why does everybody have a vlog channel nowadays? I don’t need to know how you’re spending every minute of your day.

Especially if you have a boring life. Living my own life is boring enough, I don’t need to watch you live yours too.