These Post Office Workers Prove That Rain And Snow Are The Least Of Their Problems

Whenever you order a new vacuum from Amazon, or mail in your utilities check, somebody has to make sure that stuff gets from point A to point B. Somebody is responsible for making sure that your Christmas presents get delivered on time.

As far as I’m concerned, postal service workers are more special than Santa Claus. They work harder, they play harder, and they have a better sense of humor. Keep reading to see some of the best mailmen and mailwomen in America. They always know how to brighten your dog’s day or keep your mail out of harm’s way.

The Sneakest Mailman Award Goes To…

Photo Credit: Mona_Cabbage / Reddit

This is actually brilliant. I wish my mailman knew how to hide packages like this. Granted, I live in an apartment building, so there isn’t really anywhere to hide giant packages, but I’m sure this mailman would find a way.

The fakeout envelope by the door is just the icing on the cake.

The Mailman Gave Him Half of His Salami Sandwich Last Week

Photo Credit: BALONYPONY / Reddit

Salami is definitely the way to this St. Bernard’s heart. Give him one taste, and he’ll wait by the window for you forever.

This is exactly how I look when I’m waiting for my Amazon order to arrive. If only all Amazon orders came with salami sandwiches.

Happy Retirement, Mailman!

Photo Credit: Reddit

This mailman left retirement notes under every door in his neighborhood. Forty-three years is a really long time. I don’t know how they’re going to carry on without him.

Happy retirement, Maurice! Hope you’re having fun not delivering mail anymore! This guy is going to make me cry, and I don’t even know him.

Merry Christmas To All, And To All A Good Mail

Photo Credit: blackthirteen / Reddit

Yo, Carlos, Waddup! This mailman is the bee’s knees. I love that he took Christmas photos in uniform, holding a mailbag.

I want this guy to bring me all my Christmas presents. Forget Santa, I want Carlos. I hope this guy got lots of Christmas tips.

Carlos Back At It Again (This Time With More Swag)

Photo Credit: blackthirteen / Reddit

Another year, another Christmas card. Carlos never disappoints. Is it just me or is the 2011 picture a lot more… sultry?

Like, damn, Carlos is lookin’ fine. I hope he knows he has to make a Christmas card like this every year now.

A Little Something For Sadie

Photo Credit: Reddog9090 / Reddit

This pupper is being so good not eating that treat right away. She knows she has to wait for a picture so the internet can share in her joy and excitement.

Dogs deserve to get excited about mail too. All good mailmen and mailwomen know this.

Come Hell Or High Water

Photo Credit: thinksecretly / Reddit

…Or a crazy snowstorm, apparently. People need to get their Christmas gifts in time, and no blizzard is going to keep this mailman from doing what he does best.

This is the most hardcore mailman— nay, person— I’ve ever seen. Mailmen don’t get recognized for their hard work enough. I see you, mailmen. I see you.

The Nicest Mailman In The Land

Photo Credit: Imgur

First of all, can we talk about that beautiful penmanship? Like, how does he get off having such gorgeous handwriting?

Also, this is so sweet. Mailmen are the greatest. They deliver letters and packages straight to our doors… I know that’s their job, but I just appreciate it so much.

Thanks, Amazon Guy

Photo Credit: Square_Arch / Reddit

This is the definition of going above and beyond. Getting those mail slips that say you have to pick up your package the next day is the worst.

This Amazon guy knows the feeling. That’s why he knew he had to get sneaky. Keep reading to see a mailman who made a Christmas card that might even rival Carlos’.

America’s Most Dedicated Mailman

Photo Credit: AirPirate17 / Reddit

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

That’s an actual quote from Greek literature that describes the Persian empires courier service. The Greeks understood. Mailmen are the greatest.

How To Annoy Your Mailman

Photo Credit: JavaLSU / Reddit

Mailmen and mailwomen, mailpeople, if you will, have to put up with a lot of annoying stuff. We’ve seen them trudge through snowstorms, dodge excitable pups, and evade thieves of all sorts.

This has got to be the most annoying task of them all. Nobody likes to bend down.

Give This Guy A Raise

Photo Credit: Imgur

Somebody put this guy in a United States Postal Service ad campaign. Seriously, so many more people would choose snail mail over e-mail if they knew it was going to be delivered by this handsome devil.

This is so much more than we deserve, but I’m not mad at it.

MacGyver Is Working For The Post Office Now

Photo Credit: HeyjonA / Reddit

This man deserves a very nice Christmas bonus. Not only did he deliver that package in what looks like four feet of snow, but he also made very sure that the package did not come in contact with the snow, even though it didn’t fit in the mailbox.

That is some smart thinking.

Cats Like Watching For The Mailman Too

Photo Credit: ryansworld10 / Reddit

What do you think they’re waiting for? A few cans of tuna? A new scratching post? The remains of a mouse their friend Buster from down the street just had to show them?

These cat’s know what life is all about: getting stuff you paid for a little while after you paid for it.

The Mailman Has Been Eyeing Their Guava Plant

Photo Credit: careslol / Reddit

I support the “Give the mailman some guava” initiative. Guava is delicious. This mailman delivers packages day in and day out. The least we could do to support him would be to feed him some tart green fruit.

He asked so nicely, too. I love this so much.

It Just Keeps Getting Better

Photo Credit: careslol / Reddit

Oh, my goodness. He wanted the guavas for his pregnant wife. When your pregnant wife craves guava, you’ve got to get her those guavas by any means necessary.

She doesn’t even care if they’re not ripe yet. Not only is this guy a great mailman, he’s also a great husband. He’s going to be the best dad ever.

Thanks For Your Service, Rudy!

Photo Credit: splizzle / Reddit

This is Rudy Tempesta. He has been working for the US Postal Service for 65 years, which not only makes him the longest-serving USPS employee in the country but the longest-serving public servant in the country.

The guy in this photo asked him when he was gonna stop. He said, “When I’m in a box.”

Dogs Aren’t The Only Animals Excited To Meet The Mailman

Photo Credit: Infinity / Reddit

Hey now brown cow! That cow is so small and cute. I want to hug it immediately. I’m actually very jealous of the mailman who got to give that cute cow a treat.

What do you think he ordered? More grass? A nicer jacket?

As If You Really Needed Any More Proof That Mailmen Are The Greatest

Photo Credit: cturn3r / Reddit

A week ago, This person’s dog, Oliver, had a stomach bug and couldn’t eat his regular food. Usually, the mailman throws him a treat every day, but Ollie’s owners told him to hold off for a bit until the sick pup was feeling better.

Then they found this note in their mailbox.

This Kid Thought Mailmen Should Get Mail Too

Photo Credit: absofaluminum / Reddit

This is actually so sweet. I especially love the way he spelled “sincerely.” That’s what makes it the most sincere.

It’s nice that there are kids out there who appreciate postal workers. We could all learn a thing or two from Olivier.

Snow Problem, I Can Do It

Photo Credit: Philip Haney/Pinterest

The snow might e piling high, but this mailman is ready for it. It’s probably freezing cold out there as well so stepping out with your full body would be like jumping into a cold lake.

The owners of these homes have to thank this man for showing so much dedication. That cold is nothing to play with.

Taking Out The Competition

Photo Credit: Melissa Castaneda/Pinterest

Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself to help the team win. It looks like this UPS truck went straight at the USPS worker. Putting the rest of the UPS workers ahead of himself.

We think another UPS truck came and quickly delivered the rest of the packages just to say they brought in the mail faster.

Dedication At Its Finest

Photo Credit: Melissa Castaneda/Pinterest

We’ve all met those people who will still complain even after someone has done a task they didn’t have to do for them. If a mailman does this for you, just be grateful.

He could have called the day off, but instead, he chose to bring you your silly little package. Yes, the package might be important but so is the man’s life.

New Best Friends

Photo Credit: Laughtard/Pinterest

Usually, the dogs are ready to menace the mailmen or women. It’s a classic cliche that never gets old. If you have a dog then you know that this is true.

However, this guy made friends with what looks like a pretty big dog. He delivers the mail and gives the doggo a nice big hug.

Stay Calm And Walk On

Photo Credit: Melissa Castaneda/Pinterest

This guy must be the king of taking one trip. When his mom told him to fetch the bags from the car, no matter the amount he was only going to need one walk to the car.

It looks like he brought over that same mentality over to his work. We’re sure something important is in one of those boxes, but he’s determined to get it there.

Ask And You Shall Receive

Photo Credit: Melissa Castaneda/Pinterest

The wife of this resident had one simple favor to ask of the delivery people. Hide her packages from her husband.

This mail lady tried her best. But to be fair, she did hide it if her husband enters the home through the garage. He’d have to step foot out the front door to see this package under the mat.

No Water Is Too High

Photo Credit: Melissa Castaneda/Pinterest

This guy takes dedication to a new level. Do you think he took his shoes off first before heading into the waters?

He went into work that day with one thing on his mind; complete the mission. No matter if zombies were coming or a blizzard, he was going to get that mail.

This Water Means Nothing To Me

Photo Credit: Pinterest

These deliverymen are getting bolder and bolder. The people want their packages and he knows this. Which is why he’s sacrificing safety just to get some deliveries out.

Maybe the mailmen just aren’t afraid of water like others. People forget that postal service workers are some of the most dedicated.

The Exterminator

Photo Credit: Melissa Castaneda/Pinterest

It’s not every day that a resident asks for additional assistance from the mail person. You have to admit though, spiders are quite scary.

The way this resident wrote to the mailman is simply hilarious. You can tell the sincerity of the message. Do you think the spider got taken care of by this delivery person?

Praises To The Friendly Ones

Photo Credit: Kathleen B/Pinterest

When the dog loves your mail person, then you know they’re good. Usually, dogs scream and bark at any potential intruders or anyone simply doing their job.

Not this dog and lady tandem. This mail lady looks extremely happy to be able to play with this precious pooch. Do they have this interaction every day?

Even Back In The Day

Photo Credit: Lillian Marie Malter/Pinterest

Even back in the day, the mailmen were getting the job done. It didn’t matter how cold it was or how much mail he had to deliver, this guy did it with a smile.

It looks like he has a sled in his sack, but that’s just a huge package. There was no stopping him and his mission to deliver.

Scared Out Of His Mind

Photo Credit: Julie Shemanski/Pinterest

By the look on this mailman’s face, he doesn’t seem to be fond of that doggo in his way. He seems a bit shook and scared honestly. Yet still, he carries on.

There is no telling what that dog might do or if this man is naturally afraid of dogs or not. the person taking the picture probably got a good laugh out of this.

Who Needs A Car?

Photo Credit: JK R/Pinterest

Who needs a car when you’ve got this funky bike? No matter the limitations, this mailman is ready to deliver the goods. Whether it be on four wheels or two, you can count on him.

Maybe he doesn’t have his license. Whatever the case, he figured out a way to still be effective doing his job.

Turkey’s Are On The Loose

Photo Credit: Anthony Contorno Sr./Pinterest

You don’t want to get in the way of some turkeys. This guy looks like he’s moments away from getting attacked by the most fearsome turkeys on the block.

His face spells fear but his hands say work. He might be worried about the turkeys but at least he didn’t throw the mail down and make a run for it.

Get To Shoveling

Photo Credit: Marsha Watson/Pinterest

There should be a new rule. If it snows this much and you want your mail, then you need to go out there and shovel up the snow.

These employees are risking frostbite just to get your mail to you. Is that part of the job description? Either way, the dedication to service is high here.

Wiping Out The Comp

Photo Credit: Ruralinfo/Pinterest

Once again, the battle gets heated. Earlier we saw the UPS man taking out the USPS truck. Now, it looks like he got revenge.

Even FedEx was hit by this attack. All is fair in love and war right? Maybe no one will think anything of it. Or Perhaps the war will only continue…

Had To Finish The Job

Photo Credit: Sarah/Pinterest

After he delivered the smaller mail, he became tasked with one duty that not everyone would have done properly.

You know when you’re expecting a package that you want it when it says it was coming. This mailman left the package even though it had no business sitting there. The owner probably felt bittersweet about this.

By Any Means

Photo Credit: Extra funnypicture/Pinterest

There was no way this package wasn’t going to be privately placed. Usually, under the mat is the go-to place for packages. This wasn’t a normal package.

Instead of bringing it back with them, this mailman or lady decided to play it cool and slide it under the mat anyways. That should be enough to keep the neighbors from seeing it.

In The Line Of Fire

Photo Credit: Ruralinfo/Pinterest

Once again, this delivery person put their life on the line to do their job. Delivery people should have more respect for their names because they do things not everyone is up for.

Had someone been in this truck when it happened, that would have been tragic. Thankfully, no one was hurt but still.

Waiting For Service

Photo Credit: Emily/Pinterest

This vintage photo showcases the true dedication that mailmen have. Not only is he patiently waiting for mail, he has his lunch ready too like this is his home station.

This way, people don’t have to worry if the mailman got their stuff because he’s right there to hand it to.