These Starter Packs Will Prepare You For Literally Any Life You Want (Or Don’t Want)

For the uninitiated, starter packs are multi-panel images that represent a certain archetype, or type of person. They first hit the internet in 2014 on Twitter. The format has since inspired thousands of clever copycats.

We’ve compiled some of the most upvoted Starter Packs of our time. You may even see yourself reflected back to you in meme form. That’s what memes do best, isn’t it? They show us who we truly are…for better or for worse.

How It Begins


Photo Credit: TheKidWithCam / Reddit

Let’s begin at the beginning with a starter pack for starter packs. If you can understand this, you can understand all of the starter packs to follow.

Helvetica font is essential. Basic images are the cornerstone of the starter pack aesthetic. No fancy pants editing here.