These Super Fans Tried Their Very Best To Pay Tribute To Their Favorite Celebrities

Sometimes you just feel so strongly about a celebrity that you want to give something back to them in return for all the joy they’ve brought you over the years. If you’re talented in the visual arts department, you might want to make them a portrait.

If you’re not talented in the visual arts department, maybe just stick to a nice thank you note. Everyone likes a thank you note.

Jennifer Aniston Looks A Little Scary

Photo Credit: WIkimedia

This amateur artist tried her very best. I think she went a little bit overboard on the shading. Also, what is happening with Jennifer Aniston’s teeth in that drawing? I think she needs to see an orthodontist as soon as possible.

Good effort though (I guess).

Lucille Ball Is Beautiful In Bronze

Photo Credit: Reddit

Um, who decided that this horrible image of Lucille Ball should be immortalized in bronze forever? Why was this the choice?

She looks about twenty years older than she should, and why is she in a public park? Nobody needs to see this when they’re just trying to enjoy the sunshine.

Justin Beiber If He Was On Wallace And Gromit

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Justin Bieber has millions of adoring fans who think he’s the most beautiful person who’s ever walked on planet earth, but I’m not sure that this drawing does his beauty justice.

They got the hair right. The face, well, that’s a whole different story.

What Happened To David Schwimmer?

Photo Credit: Imgur

Remember David Schwimmer? He played Ross on Friends and then we pretty much never saw him again.

Well, a loyal fan decided that he needed to be sketched in pencil. Unfortunately, that person wasn’t very good at pencil sketches. I think this person and their talent were on a break.

A Minimalist Kanye

Photo Credit: Imgur

Kanye has a big personality, and it can be tough to translate that personality into a portrait worthy of his grandeur (self described or not).

This picture doesn’t pull any punches. It is the essential Kanye without all the bells and whistles and giant cube t-shirts.

Zayne Looks Insane

Photo Credit: Reddit

Um… good try, I guess? I mean, some effort went into this pencil sketch, just not very much effort. This amateur artist could have tried a little bit harder.

The basic shapes are there, but it’s missing some detail. It’s better than I could do, though.

The Spy Who Freaked Me Out

Photo Credit: Twitter

Is this supposed to be Daniel Craig? Forget the drawing, what’s going on with the photo on the right? Why is it so slanted?

Maybe that’s why the drawing is so unfortunate. When your reference photo is messed up, of course the drawing is going to be messed up.

Leave Rihanna Alone

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

You know that episode of Magic School Bus where Miss Frizzle turns all the students into fish? That’s what this drawing looks like. Miss Frizzle just turned Rihanna into an electric eel or something.

What happened to her neck? Why is it so long? This just isn’t right.

Not So Pretty Woman

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

This is supposed to be a drawing of Julia Roberts, but it looks more like the witch that turns Prince Adam into a beast at the beginning of Beauty and the Beast.

I’m so confused about her body. Why is her neck so thick? Where are her shoulders?

We Should All Apologize To Morgan Freeman For This

Photo Credit: Imgur

Morgan Freeman looks more like a creepy David Duchovny in this faint pencil sketch. If you love Morgan Freeman enough to make fan art of him, please love him enough to recognize that your subpar talent is not worthy of his legendary face.

Practice on some less legendary faces first.

This Is Supposed To Be Beyoncé

Photo Credit: Imgur

I don’t think I’m ready for this tragedy. She didn’t think I could handle this, and she was right. Queen B does not deserve this.

Put this picture in the trash where it belongs. How dare you disgrace our one true source of light in these trying times?

Jackie Chan Is Uncanny

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Jackie Chan’s body actually looks pretty good in this drawing. I have to say, I’m impressed. The body and the hair show a lot of potential.

The face, however, that’s a whole nother story. What happened to his face? Did somebody else draw it? Why is it so flat and scary?

Cher Or Kardashian Wannabe?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

I think this is supposed to be a drawing of Cher, but this Cher looks a lot worse than the real Cher has ever looked.

Cher in the ’70s was peak Cher. This must be Cher post cosmetic surgery. Like, right after they took the bandages off.

Brad Pit Looks Confused

Photo Credit: Twitter

I really didn’t know who this was supposed to be. It kind of looks like a blend of Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Matthew McConaughey.

I’m not mad at the technique, but I’m a little puzzled by the resemblance. Brad Pitt is way cooler than the guy in this picture.

Somebody Hit Zach Braff

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

This drawing isn’t horrible. I can tell that this is Zach Braff even without the stethoscope clue. The proportions seem pretty accurate.

The only thing is, why do his eyes look like that? It looks like somebody hit him in the head a little too hard.

This One Is Scaring Me

Photo Credit: Twitter

However you feel about Tom Cruise and his wild antics, you have to agree that he’s pretty nice to look at. I mean, the guy is attractive. There’s no way around it.

This picture does not reflect that fact at all. Get it out of my face.

Bruce Willis As A Neanderthal

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Do you think that’s body hair on his chest or is he just wearing a very thick fur coat?

This actually looks a bit like Van Gough’s self-portrait, so maybe this artist is actually a genius and we just can’t appreciate talent. The world isn’t ready for this kind of innovation.

I Guess This Is Batman

Photo Credit: Reddit

I know Christian Bale is really good at transforming himself into different characters, but I don’t think he’s ever looked quite like this. You know who does kind of look like this? Jason Ritter.

Look up Jason Ritter right now and tell me I’m not wrong.

I Can Hear His Voice In My Head Right Now

Photo Credit: Twitter

Ok, I know this drawing isn’t perfect, but I can definitely tell that this is Christopher Walken. The only thing this picture needs is some more cowbell.

Also maybe some better shading and some lines that are less harsh. Good effort, though. You get an A for effort.

I’m Actually Crying

Photo Credit: Twitter

Why would this person draw Britney at her most vulnerable? Can’t we all just leave Britney alone? Hasn’t she been through enough?

She doesn’t need this drawing in her life. Please learn how to draw and learn how to spell “beautiful.” That’s like the first thing you learn in first grade.