Twitter Users Are Revealing The Worst Mistakes They Made With #ABadDecisionIn4Words

Let’s face it, we’ve all made a mistake at least once in our lives. The world can be a giant dumpster fire sometimes, and we get through it the best way possible. That means we laugh at other people’s misfortunes because they’re that awful. But don’t feel too bad, they probably had it coming.

That’s why Twitter users are banding together to share their worst decisions with #ABadDecisionIn4Words. The tweets are proof that the “just one more drink” expression can lead to worse things or why white pants can be horrific to wear in public. All I can say is that some people out there seem to want to do the most questionable things ever.

Sun Burns Are The Worst

Photo Credit: @DefNeedAManCave/Twitter

You’re better safe than sorry when it comes to using sunscreen. You think you can beat the rays of the sun, but the rays get the best of you.

It’s common for kids to have a tan instead of using sunscreen. Whether it’s a sunburn on your shoulders or your nose, it hurts like hell. Sunscreen will help avoid sunburns so you should use it.

If You Don’t Recognize It, Don’t Answer the Phone

Photo Credit: @MarkRiter/Twitter

Tell me about it. I’m guilty of doing the same thing and I’ve learned not to answer the phone from random numbers. Like, this one time, some random 1-800 number called from Saskatchewan of all places.

They tried to tell me I needed to send information for my “taxes” that I “forgot” to do. I scoffed and called the automated message an idiot then hung up the phone.

Here, Hold My Beer (That Usually Comes Next)

Photo Credit: @JadeneNance/Twitter

One more drink doesn’t hurt unless you’re trying to budget your money. Having one more drink is like having one more hot dog from the barbeque.

You don’t want it, but after some convincing, you go for it. This could be worth it, but it could lead to more bad decisions throughout the night. Coming up, the first thought that comes to your mind after one more drink is a big regret.

This Could Go Either Way

Photo Credit: @JohnRJohnson20/Twitter

Oh, this is mean but it’s funny at the same time. My grandma would always entertain me by telling me stories as a kid.

That would entertain me, but some grandmas aren’t always like that. They can be annoying to some, but they have a heart of gold that’s bigger than yours.

You Learn From Your Mistakes

Photo Credit: @twitweeting/Twitter

This is why you don’t wear both at the same time. It’s why you shouldn’t own white pants for this reason too.

Imagine wearing white pants for your friend’s wedding and it gets stained? This is the equivalent to that and if there are blood stains showing on your jeans, you probably haven’t seen Superbad.

After The Tenth Time You Have “One More Drink”

Photo Credit: @amyjustuskatz/Twitter

Gee, I guess the booze does make you do weird things. Like HELLO! Didn’t you get it the first time this came to your mind?

It’s like this is the first thought that comes to your mind after so many drinks. For the tenth consecutive Friday night, you failed to learn from your mistake, again. What’s worse than this? Actually going through with the text. The worst is just about to happen very shortly.

The Consequences Are Just Ahead

Photo Credit: @Rkopala/Twitter

If you’re saying this to your girl, you’re asking for your funeral to come today. You won’t be around to share this wisdom because you opened your mouth.

Those are fighting words which should be used wisely and not when she’s angry because she’s hungry. I hate those words.

There’s A Way To Tell Them To Go Away, The Nice Way That Is

Photo Credit: @JohnRJohnson20/Twitter

When you’re sound asleep and there’s a knock on the door, it could be Jehovah’s Witnesses. Get out of your bed, go downstairs and open the door.

When they greet you say “Hey, thanks for coming out but you could please go away?” Then, close the door and head back to your bed.

This Is Always A BAD Decision

Photo Credit: @damnhelookgood/Twitter

If you can pull this off with certain people, kudos to you. However, this is a BAD decision, just don’t do it. You don’t even need to be drunk to do it either.

In fact, someone actually did this to me once, and it was surprisingly more hilarious than horrifying because they texted the wrong number. After a night out of making bad decisions, one of the worst things to happen in the morning is still on the way.

It’s Better Than Clamping Your Foot On A Foreman Grill

Photo Credit: @danrivermama/Twitter

Ouch! Reading this makes me cringe. You have to watch out for the oil splatter or else you’re going to feel the burn.

At least they’re not making bacon on a Foreman Grill and waking up to the smell of it. However, a good decision when making bacon is frying it fully clothed.

GPS Recalculate You To The Middle Of Nowhere

Photo Credit: @TangledHotMess/Twitter

GPS’s are a joke. Why? well, they tell you that your destination is on the right when it’s actually on the left. Technology can’t be trusted anymore thanks to this. Also, this Tweet makes me think of The Office.

If the GPS tells you to drive into a lake, don’t do it. You’re smarter than a stupid computer.

Okay, You Can Cry In A Corner Now

Photo Credit: @Mavadar/Twitter

It’s a constant struggle to get out of bed every day, especially after having a night out with your friends, filled with stupid mistakes.

Do yourself a favor and stay in bed, cry in a corner, or whatever you need to do, go for it. Sometimes, you need time for yourself. What’s the exact opposite of waking up early? That’s coming up shortly.

If The Politician Doesn’t Provide To Your Demographic

Photo Credit: @B52Malmet/Twitter

I am one of those people, hear me out. When I was 18, my hometown had an election for the mayor. I didn’t bother voting because nothing stood out to me and he didn’t do a good job providing to the younger demographic.

However, as I got older, I cast my first ballot at 22 years old, simply because I followed politics more than I did before as a freshman in college.

How Else Are You Supposed To Get Through The Day?

Photo Credit: @Anythingpork/Twitter

It’s a fair statement to make because whatever you do for a living, you need to have some fun. You can put some booze in a flask or a soda can of some kind because nobody will know you’re on a good buzz before you start your shift.

I’m guilty of doing this before a first date, but I’m not looking for a relationship anyway.

A lot Can Happen In One Night, If You Have Nothing To Do

Photo Credit: @kristenRN202/Twitter

If you don’t have a full-time job, aren’t in school, or you have nothing to do, this is up to your alley.

You don’t need a vacation from going to bed at 2 AM and waking up at 11 the same morning. But, for me, staying up super late on a Thursday night is going to bed at 10 PM. Even after staying up late, your mind can seriously play some tricks on you. The next one ahead is something we’re all guilty of.

Tell That To Your Doctor

Photo Credit: @DazedAndFoxed/Twitter

Imagine the look on your doctor’s face when you tell that to them. In case your doctor hasn’t told you, you can’t use vaporub to treat things like yeast infections.

Not only is it going to burn down there, but you’re not the one who has the Ph.D. degree hanging in the doctor’s office.

All Diets Sound Familiar These Days

Photo Credit: @julcasagrande/Twitter

A beer diet will do you just fine. That’s if you cut out the food part of the diet. The benefit is having a few cold ones before going to bed, but maybe having some salads could cancel out the beer aspect of the diet.

Oh well, who said dieting was super easy to handle these days? Clearly, it’s not for everyone.

Think Before You Talk

Photo Credit: @starrizborn/Twitter

I’m guilty of this, but, I think we all are from time to time. It’s true because it’s like you have a superpower in that you don’t want at all.

However, this can mean one thing — you’re overthinking before you talk. When you overthink, you tend to blurt out things you don’t mean to say.

Oh Boy

Photo Credit: @ryanztweetz/Twitter

It doesn’t get any worse than this. No matter where you go to play the slots at the casino, dropping all of that money can come back to haunt you.

Even when you know you’ve reached your limit, it is important to learn to control that habit. Or else, you might have a gambling problem.

To Stay On Twitter Or To Not Stay On Twitter, That Is The Question

Photo Credit: @benevolenfart/Twitter

Ah, the pros and cons of using Twitter. Sometimes, I do feel that I spend too much time on that platform.

I’ve learned a lot about people from various walks of life I wouldn’t ordinarily talk to. That was something that never interested me, but on Twitter, it certainly has.