Weird Things Americans Do, According To Foreigners

While we might love a glass of water with our meals, the way we drink our water is mind-boggling to our foreign visitors. People from other countries wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the clothes we do. Even the time of day we take a shower is perplexing to our friends abroad. Keep reading to find out what Americans do that is hilarious and even weird to foreigners.

Why Do We Need Our Drinks So Cold?

Most Americans enjoy adding ice cubes to their drinks. Who doesn’t like an ice cold cup of water on a hot summer day? But we tend to add ice to our drinks year-round, even in the freezing cold months of winter. People from other countries generally don’t add ice at all, even in the heat of summer. Maybe it’s because they just see ice as taking up too much room in the cup, especially if you paid for your drink.