Why Some Siblings Are Actually the Reincarnated Version Of The Devil

Siblings can be both a blessing and a curse. No one can be as petty towards you as your siblings, to the point it’s actually unhealthy. From needless pranks in the washroom you share to screaming matches over who your mom and dad love more, siblings can be your worst nightmare.

Look, they can also be your best friend, but that doesn’t make for an entertaining article, so we conveniently left the productive sibling relationships out. This hilarious list shows the lengths siblings are willing to go to make life a living hell for each other.

Out To Get You


When you’re the younger brother and used to getting all the attention, it’s really tough to just sit back and watch your older sister have her 15 minutes of fame. This little kid is taking things into his own hands and grabbed his toy Winchester and is taking aim. As if she had the audacity to take eyes off of him.