The Biggest Mansions Of WWE Stars

WWE stars make a living from larger than life personalities and outrageous performances in the ring. But, these WWE stars take it to the next level with their homes and mansions. Check out these twenty amazing WWE mansions!

The Rock Is Rolling in Dough

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the biggest names in WWE wrestling and in Hollywood. After making it big as The Rock in the ring, Johnson went on to become one of the biggest family and action movie stars in Hollywood. He is featured in huge franchises as well, like Fast and the Furious.

While attending the University of Miami on a full scholarship in the early ’90s, Johnson played football as a defensive tackle. Although he didn’t become a famous football player, Johnson didn’t forget his collegiate roots. In 2012, he purchased his new home from former U of M football player and Miami Dolphins tackle Vernon Carey.

His Mansion Is Fit for a King

The Rock’s house is definitely one of the best on our list. The mansion is located in sunny Fort Lauderdale and is worth over $4.5 million. The size of the house is around 13,700 square feet and is in the style of an Italian villa. The house includes an outdoor pool and a six-car garage.

The Rock is apparently particular about where he works out. He added another 5,000 square feet (which cost him another $1 million) to build a state-of-the-art gym and even a guest house for his trainer! This begs the question: where do we sign up to become The Rock’s personal trainer?!

Hulk Hogan Is a Wrestling Legend

Hulk Hogan is the ultimate legend when it comes to WWE wrestling, and just wrestling in general. Hogan was the original big superstar to come out of the organization and to make wrestling a mainstream sport. He’s also just one of the funniest celebrities out there.

Hogan’s net worth in 2008 was reportedly over $30 million, but three years later in 2011, he admitted to the press that his lavish lifestyle and divorce have nearly made him bankrupt. Still, that didn’t stop Hogan from purchasing his million-dollar Florida home in 2016. But just how did he manage that?

A Beach House to Go with His First One

Hulk Hogan dropped a lot of money on his new beach house property. The house is located in Clearwater, Florida and is worth over $1.6 million. The house is approximately 2,000 square feet and is directly located on the water. Hogan bought the house after he sued Gawker for “intimate videos,” that they released of him in 2012. In 2016, the case was finally settled and Hogan was awarded $140 million.

Hogan didn’t have to make a big move when he bought this seaside property because it is actually right next door to his 5,000 square-foot, $3 million mansion he bought in 2014.

Kofi Kingston Has Some Surprise Interests

Kofi Kingston is a modern day WWE superstar and is best known for impressing the crowd with his signature moves, including the S.O.S. and the Boom Drop. Kofi is also seen as the “superhero” of WWE because of his fascination with comic books and anime. The star’s house has been featured on WWE’s YouRube channel for being intricate and eccentric.

He has taken his non-wrestling interests to the next level by appearing on fellow wrestler Xiaver Woods’ YouTube Channel. On UpUpDownDown, which is the name of Woods’ show, Kofi appears under the nickname Mr. 24/7.

It’s Like a Comic Book Museum

Kingston’s house is unique, not because of its architecture outside of the house but because of the decor inside. The house is completely filled with collector comic books and a whole collection of swords. The hobbyist rooms are worth thousands of dollars with expensive memorabilia.

You might be surprised to learn that Kingston’s memorabilia room is housed in a rather modest home. His Tampa, Florida residence was purchased in 2009 for only $400,000. The sizable house has a backyard pool and a two-car garage and although it’s not the most glamorous, it is what the average WWE wrestler lives in.

CM Punk’s Home Is in Chicago

CM Punk has created a character that is full of punk and goth attributes. Punk is an American mixed martial arts fighter and wrestler, who is also an artist. He is a published comic book writer and is retired from the WWE. Punk is now fighting with Ultimate Fighting Championship.

CM Punk debuted in 2006 with Extreme Championship Wrestling and endured a six-month undefeated streak in singles competition. He also holds championship titles in Ring of Honor, ECW, and WWE. It’s no wonder that a heavily awarded wrestler like him would own a lavishly outrageous house.

A Chicago Mansion That Stuns

CM Punk’s mansion is located in Chicago and is worth over $2.15 million. The house includes five bedrooms, a movie theater, a jacuzzi, and a three car garage. Seems pretty standard for a celebrity home, but get this: his living room is two stories high and he also has two decks!

His master bathroom has heated floors for those cold Chicago winters and it also has another jacuzzi tub. But perhaps the coolest part about this house is that the first floor is a tattoo studio that CM Punk collects rent from. Do you think he gets free tattoos there?

Brock Lesnar Prefers Rural Land

Brock Lesnar is an American professional wrestler who was also a former National Football League player. After his career debut with WEE and working with them for three years, he decided that he wanted to pursue the NFL, where he was briefly with the Minnesota Vikings, but clearly, wrestling is his forte.

Lesnar is also married to fellow WWE wrestler Sable, who is a fighter and a model. The couple is one of the highest paid couples in WWE history. The couple currently lives in Saskatchewan, Canada, but before that, they lived on a sprawling estate in nearby Minnesota.

Lesnar and Sable’s Minnesota Mansion

Brock Lesnar’s former home is definitely one of the coolest cabins in the woods. The house is located in a rural area outside Minneapolis, Minnesota and was purchased for $783,500 in 2003. Lesnar’s Minnesota property occupied 43 acres and his home on the property was built in 1996.

The home included four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a small pond in the backyard. The sunlit living room includes a fireplace and it next to a large deck that has a hot tub. When he put the property back on the market, he asked for almost $850,000, but ended up selling it for $750,000.

The Miz Has Great Taste in Homes

The Miz is one of the coolest wrestlers out there, with some wild style. The Miz’s character loves luxury and is known for trying to get with many different women. His house represents his wild and crazy Hollywood personality.

He originally rose to popularity as a cast member of The Real World: Back to New York in 2001 and subsequently went on to do a number of other reality television shows. He was on the fourth season of Tough Enough and was first runner-up. Although he didn’t end up winning the WWE contract, he still became a part of the organization.

Living Large in the Hollywood Hills

The Miz owns a glamorous home in the Los Angeles Hollywood Hills that is worth almost $4 million. When he bought the house he only paid about $1.9 million for it. He renovated the Mediterranean-style house and even expanded the property by adding an additional 4,500 square feet to the property that already took up half an acre.

It has four bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms, a swimming pool, basketball court, and even a glass-wall spa. The additional square footage was turned into a game room that has a wet bar and folding glass doors that lead to an outdoor patio with a built-in barbecue. In June 2017, The Miz put his home on the market for a whopping $3.65 million. Any buyers?

Rey Mysterio Goes Back to His Roots

Rey Mysterio is a Mexican-American wrestler who has made a career for himself, sporting traditional Lucha Libre attire. The fighter worked for the WWE from 2012 to 2015 and has now retired from the league. Now Mysterio is a fighter for the Mexican wrestling league Lucha Underground.

In his career, he is known as one of the greatest high-flyers in wrestling history. He also has held three world championship titles: twice for WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship and also once for the WWE Championship. Throughout the entirety of his wrestling career, he has won 21 titles between WWE and WCW.

Rey Mysterio Show’s off His Pet’s Home

A native of Southern California who often says “619,” it’s no wonder that Rey Mysterio would pick his native Chula Vista, California as his residence. He supposedly resides in a well-to-do neighborhood in Chula Vista’s Eastlake community, close to the Olympic Training Center.

Not many details can be found in regards to his home, but what we do know is that the big antique-style house has a pool with a waterfall, a room full of Rey Mysterio memorabilia, swords, and gifts from fans. He is particularly proud of a huge aquarium in his living room, that he says is stress-relieving.

Big Show Has a Big Home

“Big Show” or Paul Donald Wright II, is known as an actor and a professional wrestler. Big Show has been with the WWE for almost twenty years and is now working for the RAW brand. The wrestler is currently married to Bess Katramados since 2002.

He is a seven-time world champion after successive wins in the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, the WWF/WWE Championship, WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship, and the ECW World Championship. Like Andre the Giant, Big Show’s incredible size is a result of acromegaly, which gave him an over-active pituitary gland. By 12 years old, he was already over six feet tall, weighed 220 pounds, and had chest hair.

The Impressive House Needs to Be Big

Big Show has been in the wrestling industry since 1995 and has been saving his earnings. Show’s house is an almost 10,000 square-foot property located in Miami, Florida and is worth around $3.7 million. The house is complete with its own boating dock, a body of water and over five bedrooms. It’s a mansion fit for a star.

But that’s not all for someone so huge. Big Show has a second home that he purchased from The Undertaker in 2001. Also located in Florida, the second property has its own boat dock and a swimming pool.

Goldberg’s Decision to Move

Even though Goldberg is currently retired, he is still living like he is on top of the wrestling world. Goldberg was a former professional wrestler and actor. Although he’s found considerable success as a WWE star, he had a short-lived career in the NFL, most notably as the defensive tackle for the Atlanta Falcons.

After being cut from the Carolina Panthers due to an injury, he began powerlifting and mixed martial arts training, which lead him to a career in wrestling. After retiring from wrestling and finding his new home, he became the host of a DIY Network show titled Garage Mahal. His house boasts success, click to the next slide to see why.

A Secluded Villa in Southern California

The California home is worth $2.5 million and is over 4,000 square feet. The home has many different amenities including a massive pool property, an eight-car garage, and over five bedrooms. The star is still holding onto his wealth, even though he hasn’t appeared on television in over five years.

He apparently bought the property before even seeing it. After his realtor told him that it was practically in the middle of nowhere—it’s located in the almost rural area of Bonsall, CA—he knew he wanted it. He told San Diego Union-Tribune that he hoped his neighbors would all eventually move so that he could buy more privacy.

The Undertaker Takes on Texas

Anyone who is a fan of the WWE knows that The Undertaker is the king of American wrestling. The Undertaker is iconic for wearing his long jacket and huge black hat. The popularity of his character has spanned over ten years and his house definitely shows it.

Also known as The Deadman, The Undertaker is known for 21 straight victories at WrestleMania. The unprecedented accomplishment was dubbed The Streak, but it came to a halt at WrestleMania XXX when The Undertaker lost to Brock Lesnar. However, The Undertaker still holds the title for having the most main events on pay-per-view.

A Mansion Deep in the Heart of Texas

The home of The Undertaker and his wife, Michelle Mccool, is located in Austin, Texas and is filled with so many amenities, you’ll never have to leave. The mansion is complete with a wrestling gym, a weight lifting room, and a pool. At one time the house was rented out to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, but The Undertaker moved in following his divorce from his second wife.

In 2015, The Undertaker and his wife, WWE Dive Michelle McCool, held a 2.62-mile walk/run near their home. At that time, some troublemakers thought it’d be a good idea to toilet paper their house. The TP’ers apparently didn’t do a good job, according to McCool who exposed them on her Instagram account.

Triple H’s Happy Home

Triple H, named so after his original WWE name Hunter Hearst Helmsley, is one of the best-known wrestlers in the sport. Now that Triple H has retired from the WWE ring, he is working for the corporate side of the wrestling business, which makes sense, since Triple H is also currently married to Vince McMahon’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon.

Born Paul Michael Levesque, the WWE star has held a total of 25 championships, at one point reigning as WWF/WWE Champion and WWW’s World Heavyweight Champion. His career in conjunction with that of his wife’s amounts to an incredible net worth, which is how they’re able to afford the home you’re about to see.

A Sprawling Connecticut Estate

The daughter of the creator of WWE and Triple H definitely don’t live in a measly little shack. The mansion is located in Weston, Connecticut and is right down the road from Vince McMahon. The property consists of an outdoor swimming pool and over six bedrooms. The estate has individual rooms for their children: Aurora, Vaughn, and Murphy.

Triple H’s home is on a sprawling property that, of course, is gated all around. They even have a high-tech gym and a sauna bath. Not many details can be found out about the mansion, but we’re sure there are tons of things there that only mansion-owners have.

Batista’s Talents Got Him Pretty Far

Batista, or “Big Dave,” is a former WWE champion and is now an actor in Hollywood. The wrestler is the star of the Marvel comic movies, Guardians of the Galaxy. He is also involved in other projects including Marvel movies and commercials.

But before Guardians of the Galaxy fame, Batista was making it pretty big as a WWE star. But as it turns out, he didn’t quite have the beginnings of most WWE guys. He wasn’t an athlete growing up, as he didn’t have the grades to stay on a team, and he often found himself in trouble. He started bodybuilding after a messy breakup and the rest is history, as they say.

Batista Roots Himself in Florida

Big Dave’s mansion is located in Lutz, Florida and is worth millions of dollars. Batista’s home is complete with five rooms, a display for his superbikes, and is located on the waterfront. Bautista also owns and keeps two cars on the property which are a BMW and a Mercedes SL.

Inside his home, Batista has a lot of fun things such as a self-playing piano. He even has an extensive metal lunchbox collection on display, the first one in the collection being an E.T. lunchbox. Of course, what would a pro-wrestler be if he didn’t display his own action figures as well?

You Can See John Cena’s Home

John Cena is one of the biggest modern day wrestlers of all time. Cena is an American professional wrestler, and rapper signed to WWE SmackDown. He has won 25 championships and is a sixteen-time world champion. He was the WWE Champion a total of 13 times and a WWE World Heavyweight Champion three times. He has been one of the main faces of WWE for over a decade now.

Cena is also in a relationship with WWE Diva Nikki Bella. With Cena having a net worth of $55 million, the two stars own one of the biggest houses on our list.

It’s a Diva-licious House

John Cena and Nikki Bella’s house is located on a Nature Reserve in Land O Lakes, Florida and is worth $35 million. The 13,153 square-foot waterfront home includes a swimming pool with a waterfall and slide, boat dock, and a guest house. The house even includes a cigar room and a stunning balcony to look over the water. Who wouldn’t want to stay in the guest house at this home?

As for clothes, most guys are pretty minimal—but not John Cena. He has a whole room for his closet. It even has an elevator that leads up to the master bedroom! That’s pretty insane if you ask us.

Chris Jericho Has a Wide Range of Jobs

Chris Jericho is one of the coolest and funniest guys in the world. Also known as Christopher Keith Irvine, he is a Canadian WWE wrestler, who has also made a living being a comedian and a television host. The comedian is best known for his appearances on the I Love The series on VH1.

When he’s not wrestling or making jokes on television, Jericho is the lead singer of his heavy metal band Fozzy. Since 1999, Chris Jericho has been using his pipes as the frontman of the band, who have six albums under their belt. He recently has been out of the ring because he’s been touring with Fozzy.

Wrestling, Jokes, and Singing Paid Off

Jericho’s house is located in Florida on the water, with beautiful views of the ocean. Although the house looks rather modest from an aerial view, it looks like the mansion comfortably fits the entire family, to say the least. He seems to have a significant amount of land surrounding his home, so it’s safe to assume that Jericho doesn’t have to deal with pesky neighbors too often.

With his own boat dock, you would imagine that the wrestling television personality would spend a lot of time out relaxing in his own backyard, however, the star usually spends time on the road touring with his band, rather than in his house. Such a shame!

Vince McMahon Is WWE King

Vince McMahon is the head honcho and creator of the WWE brand. McMahon is also a former commentator, announcer, and a film producer. The WWE brand is worth millions of dollars, so you can imagine what kind of house this guy is able to afford.

McMahon didn’t meet his father until he was 12 years old, which is when he became fascinated by his father’s company, much to his father’s chagrin. McMahon was eager to take on roles with his father’s company, but the elder McMahon kept giving him small roles, which caused younger McMahon to have to work his way up until in the ’80s, Vince McMahon finally gained control of Capitol Wrestling Co. McMahon now has an estimated net worth of $1.24 billion.

His Home Is Unbelievable

Vince McMahon’s house is located in a ritzy part of Connecticut and is just down the road from his daughter, Stephanie. McMahon named his property Conyers Farm and it is safely secluded in the outskirts of the city. The inside of the house is relatively unknown for safety purposes, but the outside includes multiple gardens, a conservatory, and a pool.

The design of the home is inspired by Versailles. His three-story home—yes, you read that right, THREE— has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, as well as a gym and an unknown number of guest rooms. The mansion, which sits on ten acres, is now probably worth well over $40 million, but McMahon bought it for only $25 million years ago.

Randy Orton Prefers the South

Randy Orton is a professional wrestler who is signed with WWE SmackDown. The wrestler has an astounding 13 world titles and has claimed the WWE championship nine times. He has also won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship four times, but it’s no surprise—Orton’s got wrestling in his blood. A third-generation wrestler, Orton’s father and uncle are “Cowboy” Bob Orton and Barry Orton, while his grandfather is Bob Orton, Sr.

His wrestling accolades have certainly got him a long way since being dishonorably discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps. With a net worth of $15.5 million, the wrestler’s mega mansion is just as impressive as his career.

A Modern Home for a Modest Price

For safety reasons, Randy Orton’s house is located in a gated community in the middle of St. Charles, Missouri. The house itself is incredibly glamorous and includes four different bedrooms, four full bathrooms, and a three-car garage. The best aspect of this house is the views of the Missouri River Valley.

The beautiful house also has space for a state-of-the-art gym and the master bathroom has a walk-in shower with a multitude of shower heads. With hardwood flooring, wooden vaulted ceilings, and a floor to ceiling stone gas fireplace, this house is certainly a looker. In 2016, Orton’s 5,000 square-foot house went on the market for $999,000.

Kane’s Rural Lifestyle

Kane, or Glenn Thomas Jacobs, is a Spanish-born wrestler who is now trying to make a name for himself in the film industry. The wrestler is known for his Spanish outfits and for being a towering 7 feet tall, weighing 300 pounds. He is also said to be motivated by fire, and for trying set ablaze all of his enemies.

Kane has quite the persona within the realms of wrestling. He was rebranded as Kane in 1997 when he took on a more demonic persona. Kane is supposed to be the younger brother of The Undertaker and when the two aren’t feuding, they tag team as The Brothers of Destruction.

Out in the Tennessee Heartlands

Kane’s former house is up for sale and is located along the mountainside outside of Knoxville, Tennessee. The house is currently worth over $800,000 and comes with a gym fit for a professional athlete. The best part of this house is that the pool is located at the top of a mountain, which allows people to overlook the Tennessee Valley.

The estate has only three bedrooms, but for a beautiful house sitting on 78 acres in the hills of Tennessee, you can imagine how big those bedrooms might be. The almost 7,000 square-foot home also has a koi pond and private woods that have trails for biking or horseback riding.

Brie Bella Lives Opposite from Nikki

Brie Bella debuted as a SmackDown Diva in 2008 and won the Diva Championship in 2011. Brie Bella is the sister of John Cena’s wife, Nikki Bella, who is also a Diva Champion. Brie Bella is a Mexican Italian wrestling star that is proving that females can dominate American wrestling as well.

Although she has gained notoriety for working with her twin sister Nikki as The Bella Twins, Brie has a slightly higher net worth than her sister at $1.7 million. She combines that with husband Daniel Bryan for a total of $3.7 million, but you’d be surprised to see what their home is like.

The Great House Debacle

Even though Brie Bella and her husband Daniel Bryan just bought a house, their love is on the fringes. Daniel Bryan, found out shortly after he bought his new house that he would have to have shoulder surgery. The surgery cost an incredible amount of money and they ended up having to live with Nikki at John Cena’s house. But after that didn’t work out, the couple moved to an assumingly modest house in Phoenix, although no details can be found about it.

Brie Bella once mentioned that she and Daniel were eventually going to move in and settle in Daniel’s childhood home in Washington state, so it makes sense as to why the couple doesn’t shell out big bucks for their homes.

Kelly Kelly’s Loves Los Angeles

Kelly Kelly, or Barbara Jean Blank, is a professional WWE Diva and is also known as Barbie Blank. She made her WWE debut at the young age of 19 and continued to work as aq WWE Diva for six years before retiring in 2012.She returned to WWE network in 2017 as an ambassador and has been appearing at a number of WWE events.

Kelly Kelly is now an American model and has been featured in Maxim’s Hot 100. She also appeared on WAGS since 2015, where she is known to reside in the beautiful oceanside Los Angeles paradise of Malibu, California.

Her House Is WWE Crib-Worthy

Kelly Kelly’s former house was featured on the show WWE Cribs for being one of the coolest houses out there. The mansion is located in California, but the most memorable part of this house is her closet. Kelly Kelly show’s off her hundreds of pairs of clothes in the episode of Cribs.

However, not much else can be said of Kelly Kelly’s presumably lavish home. Before marrying NHL star Sheldon Souray, Souray sold his Malibu home for $3.5 million. After the couple married, you can assume that they moved into an even pricier mansion along the coast.

Alicia Fox Is Always at Nikki Bella’s House

Alicia Fox, or Victoria Elizabeth Crawford, is best known for being a WWE SmackDown diva who performed on the RAW brand. Fox is not only a wrestler but is also an American model and actress. She first appeared as a “wedding planner” in the story line behind the Edge’s wedding. At the wedding reception, Fox was seen kissing Edge before the day of the wedding, which is how she became involved with the WWE Championship match at The Great American Bash.

In addition to being the only African-American WWE Diva, Fox has also won one WWE Divas Championship in 2010.

The House of Fox

Although it’s said Alicia Fox owns a home in Florida, the actress is usually staying in Nikki Bella’s house on the E show, Total Divas. And looking after seeing their pool, we don’t blame her! Alicia Fox is one of the cast members on the show and is a regular cast member since the year of 2015. Get it, girl!

However, little is known of Fox’s own house which is allegedly in Jacksonville, Florida, besides the fact that the interior is inspired by Spanish and Italian decor and architecture. For someone who makes quite a living off of Total Divas, it’s a surprise but rather refreshing thing to see her living so modestly.