These Childhood Toys Are Worth A Small Fortune

If you grew up during a big toy craze, there’s a chance you fondly remember playing with a Teddy Ruxbin, a popular G.I. Joe, or an “adopted” Cabbage Patch Kid. If you loved those toys so much that you held onto them, you could have a small fortune sitting somewhere in your home. These popular children’s toys are worth hundreds and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases.

We’ve mixed up our list with incredibly rare prototypes you should keep an eye out for alongside some more common toys from the last 50+ years which you might have in your collection! Do you have any of these toys? Some have increased in value by 30,000 percent! The Cabbage Patch Kids price tag is pretty crazy.

The $475,000 Beanie Baby Is Still Out There

Beanie Baby Values.jpg

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Beanie Babies cost less than $10 when they debuted, and they were a smash hit. Buyers flocked to stores all over the country in the hopes of finding rare Beanie Babies they could sell on eBay or keep as an investment. The Beanie Baby craze eventually faded, but there’s still a hidden gem in the collection.

Known as Princess Diana, this incredibly rare purple Beanie Baby bear is worth an estimated $475,000. Ty introduced Princess Diana on October 29, 1997. In November 1997, Ty informed U.S. retailers they could only order 12 of the incredibly rare dolls. The “first edition” of the Beanie Baby was only available to a handful of customers and is still considered the holy grail of any collection. Were you a Hot Wheels fan? Then read on!