The Best Songs For Women With Low Voices

Karaoke is a blast! Who doesn’t love screaming into a mic on stage to their favorite karaoke song? Unfortunately, some of us have don’t have the option to sing any song we choose with confidence. Certain voices just don’t sound right with certain tunes. If you’re a lady with a low voice and have trouble finding songs that sound good with your voice, then look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the best songs for women with low voices. Whether you’re singing to yourself in the shower or trying to impress a crowd at the karaoke bar, here are the best songs to pick, ranked from the easiest to the hardest. See if you’ll be able to work your way through the list and finish all of these songs!

Scrubs – TLC (1999)

Low Voices 1

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If you’ve been to Karaoke before, you’ve probably heard someone sing this song. Well, that’s because it’s a pretty good song for everyone to sing! When you have a low voice, it can be difficult to find the right song to help display your beautiful deep tones but this song fits well with a nice deep tone. The Grammy-winning song is likely to be on any karaoke list, so you know you’ll always have a safety net! This isn’t the only Grammy-winning song on the list!

Lady Marmalade – Various Artists (2001)

Low Voices 10

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Some people think that “Lady Marmalade” can be a difficult song pick, but for those who have low voices, this one is a breeze! Not only does it have four different parts that would allow a great way to show off your voice, but it’s a very theatrical song as well that would allow for a fun stage presence! Before you go belt out the song in public, you should know the lyrics, “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)?” which translates to English as “Do you want to sleep with me (tonight)?”

Raise Your Glass – Pink (2010)

Low Voices 14

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Pink is one of the most famous pop singers of the past decade, and luckily she has a low voice! Any Pink song would do great in showing off your deep tones, but this one is especially easy to sing. It’s a lot of the same tone, so there’s no doubt you’ll be heard amongst a rowdy crowd. Pink herself said that the song is also a celebration for people left out of the popular crowd, so it’s something especially significant for low-voiced ladies.

Rolling In The Deep – Adele (2011)

Low Voices 4

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Adele is another artist regarded for being a very talented lady during our era. A lot of Adele songs are amazing for low voices, but can also be incredibly difficult to master. This might be one of her easier tunes, as you can really sing it in multiple ways. Adele even claimed that the song brought out notes she didn’t know she could hit, so maybe a similar experience will happen to you when you decide to belt out the Grammy-winning hit!

This Kiss – Faith Hill (1998)

Low Voices 11

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If you are familiar with the song, “This Kiss,” you might wonder why it’s on the list, as it sounds a bit high. However, it’s actually pretty good for those with low voices, as it ranges a wide variety of notes throughout the tune. It’s a pretty fun one too, as there are a lot of lyrics to keep up with.

Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2003)

Low Voices 2

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The lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is the lovely Karen O, who has a deep voice. The song has very few lyrics as well, so it’s a pretty simple one to try if you haven’t before. The biggest challenge will really be showing passion throughout the song, as it can be difficult to keep a repetitive tune interesting!

Love Song – Sara Bareilles (2007)

Low Voices 20

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Little known fact, this song was actually written for Sara Bareilles’ record label. They had kept insisting she write a popular love song, so she came up with this! It’s a great pick for someone who’s looking to show the great range that their low voice can carry!

Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac (1975)

Low Voices 17

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To this day, “Rhiannon” remains one of Fleetwood Mac’s greatest hits and a song that you’re sure to be able to find on a karaoke list! The song has such a passionate and natural flow. Stevie Knicks claimed this is because the song only took her 10 minutes to write! This is definitely a great pick to show off those dreamy low vocal chords.

Because of You – Kelly Clarkson (2004)

Low Voices 6

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Kelly Clarkson was the first winner of “American Idol,” so there’s no doubt she has an amazing voice. She also has a voice that can range many different tones, so it’s not surprising a lot of her songs can be sung by women with deeper voices. This song is probably one of the best picks and one that shows off a bit of a higher pitch too for a low-voiced lady.

Bubbly – Colbie Calliat (2007)

Low Voices 16

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Colbie Caillat is definitely known for her low and dreamy voice. Many of her songs would work great for those who want to show off their deep vocal chords, but she does have a lot of slower songs, so they may be a little weird in a crowded bar. “Bubbly” is definitely a fun one that the crowd will probably find themselves singing along too with the singer.

Beautiful – Christina Aguilera (2002)

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Christina Aguilera is known as one of the biggest and best pop stars of the century. “Beautiful” is also known as one of her greatest and most inspiring songs. Thankfully, a lot of Christina’s songs are good choices for women with lower voices. This is one of the best, as it’s simple lyrics are easy to follow along with, and there’s no doubt it is also oftentimes a crowd pleaser.

From This Moment On – Shania Twain (1997)

Low Voices 5

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“From This Moment On” is no doubt a great wedding song, but it’s also an amazing karaoke song! This tune was actually going to go to Celine Dion originally, but the low-voiced Shania decided to hold onto it and keep it as one of her own! It’s definitely passionate but also guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.

Arms of the Angels – Sarah McLaughlin (1997)

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“Arms of the Angels” is best known for being on all of those sad animal commercials looking for donations to various shelters. But did you also know that it could be a great karaoke song? It does have a bit of a high pitch in some parts, so it might be a challenge. But someone who’s passionate about music and has a killer low voice will no doubt be able to knock it out of the park.

Unfaithful – Rihanna (2006)

Low Voices 7

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Rihanna is a singer who’s known for her low, deep, and passionate voice. A lot of her songs would be awesome for a great karaoke night, but a lot of her tunes are also party songs that will get the crowd riled up. If you’re looking for something that you can truly jam to and show off your low tones, “Unfaithful” is a definite crowd pleaser.

Lose Yourself – Eminem (2002)

Low Voices 15

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You may wonder why this is on the list, but there’s no doubt that a rap song is a great pick for someone who’s scared about displaying their low voice. Rap doesn’t require a lot of singing, and it can be fun to jam out to on stage. However, this one’s a bit more challenging, as rap songs can be hard to keep up with and not jumble over the words!

Valerie – Amy Winehouse (2006)

Low Voices 8

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Amy Winehouse is a great choice for anyone looking for a low song to display their deep tones. But if you’re really interested in impressing those around you, “Valerie” is no doubt a tricky choice. The song is actually a cover, but it’s a chart topper nonetheless. If you can hit all the notes in the song, you’re sure to be a karaoke champ.

Video Games – Lana Del Rey (2012)

Low Voices 9

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Lana Del Rey is a newer singer who also happens to have a low voice. She’s not as popular as other singers on our list, though, so you might not always find her music on karaoke lists. You’re sure to find “Video Games,” however, as it’s a definite crowd pleaser. The singer has a wide range of tones, but this is one of her lower voiced songs. Lana herself states that she used her voice lower in this song to show a more serious side to her music.

Hello – Adele (2015)

Low Voices 19

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“Hello” is one of Adele’s newest hits and the second of her songs on this list. This one is a bit more challenging than her other singles, however. When you have such a talented artist like Adele, there’s no doubt she’s only going to keep getting better as a singer and a writer. Those who attempt to sing this song don’t realize just how difficult it may be. But if you have a low voice and the passion for finishing the song, you can definitely hit the higher parts of this song.

Piece Of My Heart – Janis Joplin (1967)

Low Voices 18

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Janis Joplin will forever be known as one the greatest artists of all time. “Piece Of My Heart” is a well-known song that people still jam out to today. But not many realize just how difficult this song could be to finish. Janice wasn’t even the original artist of the song, she actually just did a cover of it! Not only does Janice have an amazingly low and deep voice, but it’s also a bit raspy. If you think you can handle the challenge, this song is an excellent pick to show off your dreamy tones.

At Last! – Etta James (1960)

Low Voices 3

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Etta James is one of the deepest voiced ladies on the list! Surprisingly, this is another song on the list that is actually a cover of the original 1941 version! The song is extremely well known, but not many people are actually able to cover this amazing single. It’s a pretty hard one to hit perfectly, but if you think you’re up for the challenge, this song will no doubt show off your amazing talent as a low-voiced singer.