Scary Baby Product Recalls: Are Any Of These On Your Registry?

There is so much to do when you’re getting ready to have a baby. Luckily, friends and family are more than eager to help out buying all those must-have products that new parents need. But before you start registering, double check this list of the scariest baby product recalls in recent history and be sure that none of these questionable items are on your list!

Infantino & Wendy Bellissimo Baby Slings

Infant slings have become one of the most popular baby registry items. Lots of parents opt to use slings to carry their children and cite the many benefits of “babywearing,” which include less crying, improved breast milk production, and parent-infant bonding and attachment.

In 2010, more than a million of the slings were recalled due to the defective design flaws in the Infantino SlingRider and Wendy Bellissimo baby slings. Tragically, 14 infants were smothered to death before the recall was issued. Thankfully, there are plenty of safe varieties out there now, including the BABYBJORN line. Parents need to learn to use slings properly before ever putting an infant into one.