These Moms Are Sharing Their Best Parenting Memes Because Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh

Being a parent is really hard. Kids are messy and loud and annoying most of the time. Precious moments exist, but they exist amongst dirty diapers and spit-up and a whole lot of whining. Sometimes you just have to take a moment to laugh at the whole situation.

Humor is the best way to get through the tough moments. Keep reading to see moms share their most relatable parenting realizations. We’ve all had to reason with a four-year-old or keep a two-year-old from getting her chocolatey hands all over her baby brother.

Screen Time = Me Time

Photo Credit: dietotaku / Reddit

Honestly, board games are the worst. The absolute worst. Nobody has ever had fun playing a board game. Except for maybe Settlers of Catan. Only play board games with your kids when they’re old enough to play Settlers of Catan.

Don’t waste your time with Candyland of Monopoly Jr.

This Is Accurate

Photo Credit: carlinha1289 / Reddit

This little girl looks like Boo from Monsters Inc. Kids and babies go together like a glass full of liquid and a cat caught in a plastic bag. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

That cage isn’t there to keep the baby in. It’s there to keep the two-year-old out.

Three-Year-Old Asked For A Bite Of Mom’s Burrito

Photo Credit: dietotaku / Reddit

Children are actually monsters. Look at that tiny little bite. Now all of the burrito filling is going to leak out little by little.

Why don’t kids know how to take proper bites of food? I bet this kid also eats bananas like corn on the cob.

Also Floor Cheerios

Photo Credit: MissCherryPi / Reddit

Why do all kids do this? The floor is full of germs and you have a perfectly good pacifier in your mouth.

I bet kids who don’t like eating their vegetables would eat their vegetables if they were lying on the floor. Floor carrots are just better than plate carrots.

Every Day, Several Times A Day

Photo Credit: smohockr / Reddit

This is uncanny. I say these exact words to my three-year-old on a daily basis. She pretends to be a brontosaurus, which is her favorite dinosaur.

It will probably get bumped to second place by a T-rex soon. Last week she couldn’t stop talking about being a triceratops.

Teaching A Toddler To Use A Cup Without A Lid


Is it horrible to laugh really hard when they spill water all over their face and then they cry about it?

P.S. Gravity Falls is a kid’s show that isn’t annoying. Make your kids love it more than Paw Patrol so that you can enjoy watching TV with them.

We Must Assert Our Dominance

Photo Credit: Jess_G / Reddit

Speaking of Paw Patrol, It’s time to get that nonsense under control. Your toddlers don’t know how to work Netflix or cable. They only watch what you give them to watch.

Give them good things to watch really early. There are tons of excellent cartoons out there.

Trying To Use Logic With A Four-Year-Old

Photo Credit: dietotaku / Reddit

Conversations like these start off cute, but then after you have a few hundred of them, the cuteness starts to wear off.

Try convincing a screaming four-year-old that it’s illogical to have an indoor sandbox. They just don’t seem to pick up on the nuance in your argument.

When ’90s Music Comes On And I’m Out Shopping With My Kids

Look, when the grocery store decided that it’s time to play the Backstreet Boys, I decided that it’s time to awkwardly step to the music.

If they didn’t want me to dance, they shouldn’t have played “I Want It That Way.” The kids are just going to have to get used to it.

My Child, Ladies And Gentlemen

Photo Credit: NLMillion / Reddit

This is still better than pooping on the floor. Anything is better than poop on the floor.

I wish kids pooped eggs instead of actual poop. My life would be so much easier (plus free eggs). I want this picture magnetized to my fridge ASAP.

This Is Not An Adult Slide

Photo Credit: smhockr / Reddit

Look, once upon a time, my butt would have fit into a child-size slide. I’ve had two kids. My hips aren’t as narrow as they used to be.

I’ll slide if my kids ask me to slide— but it isn’t going to be pretty. I may not even make it all the way to the bottom.

On School Days When The Bus Arrives At 8:15

Photo Credit: carlinha1289 / Reddit

Do kids not understand that it takes seven minutes to walk to the bus stop? You can’t put your shoes on at 8:15 if the bus arrives at 8:15.

Maybe kids should just never take their shoes off. If they slept in their shoes we wouldn’t have this problem. We would have some other problems…

When Kids Try To Be Sneaky

One mom shared this meme along with the caption, “My two-year-old tried to sneak up on me by crouching down, taking tiny steps, and with every step saying, “sneak, sneak,” all the way down the hallway! I never suspected a thing!”

This is my new favorite kid.

I May Or May Not Also Be Crying Or Cursing

Photo Credit: Mamawookie / Reddit

Whatever is going on in the room behind that sign is not a “mess.” If you want to see a mess, you should see my house.

Where is the crayon on the wall? Where is the dirty laundry? Where is the knocked over a container of cheddar Goldfish crackers?

Pretty Accurate

Photo Credit: carlinha1289 / Reddit

As an adult, I have to say that the four-year-old makes a good argument. It takes years of schooling to become a doctor. Porcupines pop out of the womb with a spikey butt.

Also, doctors stab people too— just with needles instead of their butts.

Dressing Kids Isn’t Easy

Photo Credit: kiss_my_grits / Reddit

A frustrated mother posted this meme with the caption, “me trying to get my 5-month-old to put her legs in footy jammies.’

I feel your pain, Lady. Once you get one foot in they just wiggle around and pull out the other foot. They never bend the knee!

Stop And Think About How Brave Your Kid Is

Photo Credit: carlinha1289 / Reddit

That kid took a huge risk, and who knows if it paid off, but what we do know is that kid is probably well fed and still breathing.

I get it, I love snacks, even more than meals sometimes, but when the table is clean the table is clean.

Hey Two-Year-Old, Do You Want Chicken For Dinner? Pasta? Pizza?

Photo Credit: DonutPlains / Reddit

Any source of vitamins and calories at all? Kids will eat food eventually. If chicken is all that’s available to them, they’re going to eat chicken.

They’ll get hungry, and when they do, that chicken is going to look pretty darn delicious.

Too Real

Photo Credit: tcbasket22 / Reddit

Why do men even have nipples? Are they just for decoration? If men could lactate the whole baby raising thing would be so much easier. Imagine being able to share that workload?

Michael Scott knows what’s up. His nipples are worthless, but he gets it.

Other Parents Are The Worst Part Of Parenting

Photo Credit: razorbladecherry / Reddit

This is the definition of that mom on Facebook who has a rose as her profile picture because she’s worried about privacy, but she still posts intimate details about her own children fifteen times a day.

We’re all in this together, moms. Let’s be kind to each other.