Can You Count the Times the FBI Lied to America?

The FBI was first put into place in 1908. Although the agency has evolved over the years since then, many of the main priorities have remained consistent. Honestly, most of what the FBI is about, sounds pretty cool. It’s high-flung action and adventure, from uncovering spies, to going after all of those nasty cyber-crimes. Of course, the FBI is also tasked with taking down those who are involved in corruption both in the U.S. and internationally and protecting your civil rights.


Theoretically, the goal of the FBI is to uncover the crime in the planning stage, which is why they are so severely criticized and called to account for those incidents where they did not prevent death, destruction and other acts of terror. Given what’s at stake, it’s probably not terribly surprising that the FBI has been accused of (and even sanctioned for) lying and misleading the public. In some cases, their jobs are on the line. Here’s what you need to know about the FBI and how it affects all Americans.