Party Like a President: Favorite Drinks of Every US Leader

You don’t need to live in the White House to throw your very own Beer Summit. From George Washington and his beloved dark porter to Barack Obama’s controversial Blue Moon discussion of race relations in America, every president had their own favorite way to imbibe. Here is the complete history of presidential drinking. Cheers!

George Washington Will Have a Porter

George Washington

Our nations first president, as well as one of the most recognized of our Founding Fathers, George Washington, fancied himself a drink every now and then. He was known for his love of a dark porter beer made in Philadelphia which was laced with molasses. If that wasn’t available, he was also a fan of the fortified wine Madeira. Washington was also known for the whiskey he sold although rarely drank. The recipe was about 60% rye, 3% corn, and a meager amount of Malted Barley. Certainly, a recipe to get anyone to feel a little bit tipsy.