Presidential Couples That Have Surprisingly Been Able To Maintain A Happy Marriage Despite Controversy

It’s interesting to note that only two former United States presidents have divorced and only one has never married. Despite the stress of having the toughest job in the entire world, many presidents are still able to keep their marriages intact.

Even though the first lady isn’t elected, they’re still under the microscope. In fact, the first couple’s companionship is under constant pressure. It begs the questions as to which presidents were able to maintain the most healthy and sustainable marriages, and which ones were quietly falling apart in office. This article takes a deeper look into the presidential relationships that we believe we know and love.

Harry And Bess Truman

CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images
CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images

The love story between Harry and Bess Truman began all the way back in grade school. Truman set incredible precedence when it came to talking about presidential families. He and Bess were on record many times defending their daughter Margaret because they had strong feelings that their family had nothing to do with his time in office.

It’s very different now as Donald Trump has his daughter and son-in-law working as senior advisors in the White House. Nonetheless, Harry and Bess had a long, trusting, and warm marriage that was very admired all over the U.S.