The IQs Of All Of Your Favorite US Presidents

Presidents are thought to be some of the smartest people in the United States, but are they actually?The President of the United States is supposed to be a brilliant leader, evaluator, and economist. But, are the presidents really that smart? Here are you favorite presidents’ IQs based on the 2006 world famous 2006 Simonton study. Did you know that a previous US president predicted he’d be a winner if he ran for office in 1987? Read on to find out more.

George Washington

George Washington was the first president of the United States and is known today for being an amazing battle strategist. He is credited with the thought behind the Battle of Yorktown and with the win of the American Revolution. But, what was his IQ?

He’s More Than Average

When it comes to IQs, there are some numbers which you should know. Anything above 140 is considered a genius, while anything between 120 and 140 is said to belong to a person with superior knowledge. Washington’s IQ is said to have fallen at around 130, based on historical views, meaning he was quite the smarty.

John Adams

John Adams was the second president of the United States, but he is known more for his participation in the creation of the Declaration of Independence. As a representative from Boston, John Adams proposed the thought of independence to the Continental Congress and he even created the Declaration committee, including Thomas Jefferson.

He Was A Genius

Before the American Revolution, John Adams was one of the most successful lawyers in Boston, defending both patriots and the British. His knowledge of law was the basis for many of the details in the Declaration of Independence. His IQ is thought to have been around 145, which is way above genius level.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was a bonafide genius, there’s no doubt about it. Not only was he the main writer for the Declaration of Independence, but he was also an architect, a musician, and some might even say a lover. His brain was filled with a crazy amount of knowledge.

He Was a Fraternity Boy

Thomas Jefferson attended the College of William and Mary and was actually involved in the world’s first fraternity. This act proved Thomas Jefferson was not only a brilliant man, but also a social one. Jefferson’s IQ is said to have been around 150, which is ten points more than Steve Jobs’.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most well thought of and respected presidents. He is considered the ultimate abolitionist and the reason for the end of slavery. Abraham Lincoln’s free thinking and revolutionary ideas proved he had some smarts about him.

He Died Too Young To Prove It

Abraham Lincoln’s intelligence is not only proven by what he did in his presidency, but also his capabilities to fight for what he wants. Abraham Lincoln failed the bar exam and even worked as a boat man before landing a law job. Lincoln was shot too soon before proving what he could do with his 140 IQ level.

Teddy Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt served as the 26th president of the United States and is still remembered for his wise words and sayings. Teddy Roosevelt is known for breaking up the trusts and monopolies of the rail road companies to help working class citizens. He is also recognized for perfecting and preserving thousands of acres of land for national parks around the country.

Historians LOVE Him

Theodore Roosevelt was a president who lived for and helped the average American. He is known for creating more economic stability among the working class. Historians credit Roosevelt with getting rid of corruption in the economy and is known for his high IQ of 143.

Calvin Coolidge

Calvin Coolidge is one of the coolest presidents, but also coolest people of all time. Coolidge first started out of a lawyer in Massachusetts and became the governor of the state. Coolidge was a quiet guy, but he was also one of the smartest people who set foot in the White House.

Silent Cal

Someone visiting the White House bet Coolidge he could make Coolidge say more than two words. Coolidge simply responded to the better, “You Lose.” Even though many people thought Coolidge was stupid because he was quiet, he was actually just soft spoken and very thoughtful. His IQ was a perfect 130, meaning he wasn’t genius level, but he was almost there.

John F. Kennedy

There’s a reason why many people called the beginning of John F. Kennedy’s administration, “Camelot.” John F. Kennedy was the voice of the new and young generation during his time in office. Kenedy’s contributions to the White House and the United States include limiting tension between the United States and the Communist countries, while avoiding what seemed like nuclear war.

He Was Said to Be Very Well-Acquainted with Hollywood

John F. Kennedy was a studly and attractive man, who had many Hollywood guests visit the White House. Many people stated John F. Kennedy was actually having an affair with model and actress Marilyn Monroe during the 1950s. Even though he might have been a cheater, his IQ was up there at 149.8.

Lyndon Johnson

Some people loved Lyndon Johnson and some people absolutely despised Lyndon Johnson, but that’s just how the 1960s were. Johnson was the president in power during the tumultuous Vietnam war and escalated the United State’s involvement. The Vietnam War is still a sore spot for many Americans who have polarizing views on the subject.

Law and Order

Lyndon B. Johnson or LBJ, assumed the role of president after JFK’s assassination. LBJ was in favor of a law and order type of view on crime, and his administration increased crime rate and the rate of prisoners in jail. Johnson’s IQ was low compared to many others, at 130.

Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon had many devoted fans, but was also one of the most disliked presidents of all time. Richard Nixon isn’t remembered for anything great, and is known for his involvement in the Watergate scandal. The Watergate scandal was when Nixon and other republicans hacked into the democratic headquarters located at the Watergate hotel in Washington D.C.

He Tried To Keep Us out of Space

Nixon focused heavily on trying to end the space race in the 1970s which was part of the heavily intense time called the Cold War. The Space Race was an attempt by the United States to reach the moon first and to venture out into space before the Russians. Nixon made it his mission to limit funding for the Space Administration, even though his IQ was a high 132.6. You’d think he’d be into science with all those smarts.

He Predicted Trump Would Be a Political Winner

Even though the American public was shocked by Trump’s win, Nixon (or at least his wife) saw it coming. In 1987 he sent a creepily prophetic letter to The Donald after he appeared on Phil Donahue’s TV show. Here’s what it said.

“I did not see the program, but Mrs. Nixon told me that you were great on the Donahue Show. As you can imagine, she is an expert on politics and she predicts that whenever you decide to run for office you will be a winner!” Apparently, she saw some similarities between Nixon and The Donald…

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter was just downright hip and cool. During his first week in the office, he went out on a limb and pardoned all of the men who ditched their Vietnam drafting call. But, many people believe Carter did more for the United States after he left the office. He was actually awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with the Carter Center.

The Carter Center

The Carter Center was created in 1982 by Jimmy Carter and is an organization which tries to advance human rights and alleviate human suffering. The center tries to help people who suffer from river blindness, malaria, trachoma, and mental illness. The Carter Center is also very involved in trying to help grow crops in malnutritioned areas of Africa. This kind soul also has an impressive IQ of 153, which is almost as high as Bill Gates’.

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan is known famously for being the poster child and president for the Republican party. His presidency focused heavily on his brain child, which was labeled “Reaganomics.” His economic policy focused on a tax rate reduction, control of money supply, and reduction in government spending. He also ended the Cold War with Russia and tore down the Berlin Wall to eliminate the USSR.

People Loved Him

Ronald Reagan is one of the most well-loved presidents in the modern era and had one of the highest approval ratings. At the end of his administration, Ronald Reagan’s approval rating was a shocking sixty eight percent, which was the same as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Bill Clinton. Well, who wouldn’t like the guy who has a 131.9 IQ?

George H. W. Bush

The father of George W. Bush made quite a name for himself and the rest of the new and reformed Republican party. Bush Sr. and his administration actually made a deficit in the United State’s economy by increasing taxes for the working class. This goes against Republican values, and was a huge loss for Bush.

Bill Clinton Stole His Thunder

George H.W. Bush’s presidency is not well regarded, even today. This is due to his impact on the United State’s economy which caused to plummet. The economy under Bush went into a growing recession which prompted voters to vote for Bill Clinton in the 1992 election. Even though Bush’s IQ is 133, it didn’t help his presidency.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton’s presidency is known for two things: his affair with Monica Lewinsky and his signature on the 1994 Crime Bill. The 1994 Crime Bill was an effort to enforce stricter and rougher law enforcement, but it was also a racial attack on citizens. This bill rose the number of people who were being sent to prison, even if they had not committed the crime they were pleading guilty to.

He’s a Genius Lethario

Monica Lewinsky will always be thought of in conjunction with Bill Clinton’s second administration in the White House. Monica Lewinsky worked for Bill Clinton as an intern for the White House and the two of them got busy. The president lied about his involvement with the young woman, which prompted his own impeachment. He was later allowed to finish out his second term. Even though he lied, his brain is still off the charts. Bill Clinton’s IQ is roughly around 149.

George W. Bush

Now, no matter your own opinions on the George W. Bush, the facts don’t lie. This president has quite a low IQ for someone who was the son of a president and a president himself. This Bush’s IQ ranks in only at 123, which is one of the lowest on our list.

His Presidency Is Hated

George W. Bush’s presidency is known for being infamous. Bush’s involvement in “the war on terror” is seen as a huge waste, and the United State’s invasion of the Middle East was seen as unjustified by many historians. Bush also stated his biggest moment in the White House, was actually when he himself caught a huge fish. Very sentimental.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama is the latest United State’s president and is also going to go down in history as being one of the most loved. The Obama administration was quite successful for lowering unemployment 29 percent, lowering the GDP deficit by 73 percent, and improving consumer confidence by over 254 percent. He is also the first ever black president.

President Obama Is Just the Coolest

President Barack Obama is definitely one of the coolest presidents to date. Not only does he really love Kendrick Lamar, but he once clapped back at Kanye on camera. Obama was truly the people’s president and it’s no big secret why. It’s stated President Obama has an IQ of 140.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is now the current president-elect, even though he has never spent any time in office. The reality show star is completely unqualified for the job, he hasn’t even been on a school board. The star’s win is now currently being protested against all over the country.

His IQ

Donald Trump is not a very smart cookie. Not only has the man funded the failure Trump University, but he has also not paid taxes for the last decade because of billions of dollars lost in his company. Trump has also said very misogynistic and ignorant things, including racial slurs about African Americans, Muslims, Mexicans, and women. Donald Trump’s IQ is said to be around 120, which isn’t stupid, but it’s the lowest on our list.


FDR or Franklin Delano Roosevelt is considered the genius behind modern economics, and the recreation of the American economy after the Great Depression. FDR’s biggest claim to fame is his New Deal, which created public jobs, like the Empire State Building and Tennessee Valley Authority to give working class Americans jobs. FDR also repealed prohibition, and we can thank him for that one!

He Had a Thing with His Cousin

Even though FDR was seen as a genius, it doesn’t mean he always made the best decisions. FDR married his second cousin Eleanor at the age of 23. FDR was also a cheater up until the day he died, with his wife’s former Secretary Lucy Mercer. This cheating boy had an IQ of around 130.5.

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Johnson was racist man, who was specifically hateful toward Native American peoples. Andrew Jackson created during his presidency a bill called the Indian Removal Act, which would give all land west of Mississippi to the Native Americans. The removal act, handed down to Martin Van Buren was later called the Trail of Tears and represented the death of over 4,000 Cherokees. The trail also relocated over 40,000 Native Americans to lands which were not their original home.

He Was an Investigator

Andrew Jackson was born poor and he had always thought of the government as being corrupt. This is why one of his policies was an investigation into the corruption of the government and the “witch hunt” of Cabinet offices and departments. Even though his IQ is a high number sitting at 135, he was definitely still paranoid.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is today’s most honored female politician. Hillary Clinton was the Democratic nominee for president and won the popular vote in the 2016, even though she lost the electoral college. Her position as the Democratic nominee is still incredibly powerful for women across the United States.

Middle America Didn’t Like Her

During the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton was a dominating force among young female voters and people who live in cities. But, Clinton was not popular among middle America voters and the working class because she was seen as “crooked.” Even though her policies would have benefited the United States, this women with a 140 couldn’t beat out a man with an IQ 20 points lower than her.

Alexander Hamilton

Even though Alexander Hamilton was not a president, he was definitely one of the founding fathers. Alexander Hamilton is considered to have been George Washington’s right hand man during the American Revolution and is the founder of American economics. We couldn’t even have a presidency without Alexander Hamilton.

His Economics Were Crazy

Alexander Hamilton was the creator of the federal bank and our modern day economic system. Not only did he create state funding, but he also created the economy which makes it’s possible for our checks and balances system. Alexander Hamilton also wrote the Federalist Papers, which helped ratify the American Constitution and Political parties. He is known to have been a genius and was said to have an IQ between 150 and 160!