The Most Discriminatory Things to Ever Happen to Hillary Clinton

If you’ve read a newspaper or watched cable news channels lately, it’s pretty likely that you’ve seen something about the United States presidential election. Two candidates, businessman Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, are facing off for the highest office in the land, and things have been anything but peaceful and respectful.

One of the biggest issues that have come up during the campaign is the amount of blatant discrimination directed towards Secretary Clinton. So, we put together a list of the worst moments she has faced throughout her storied political career!

People Complain About Her Voice

HClinton 21

Starting us off is one of the most common criticisms of Secretary Clinton — her voice! Reporters and politicians alike have claimed it to be too shrill, too harsh, too loud, or even too “giggly.” You name it, they’ve said it! We have to wonder if they would ever criticize a man for HIS voice?

This may be the most common sexist attack, but it’s not the most famous. That comes later!

She’s Accused of Having Cankles

HClinton 2

When Hillary was running for President in 2008, a Republican pundit posted a photo online that appeared to show Valentine’s Day cards that said “Cankles 4 Prez.” This was a reference to Hillary Clinton’s appearance. Typically, after wearing high heels all day, women’s ankles swell. So, why should she be criticized for it?

Aging Matters

HClinton 3

The public has often discussed Clinton’s “electability.” That is, if she is popular enough to be elected President. Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh argues that no, she is not electable. He said that the “public won’t want to elect someone who they can see aging before there eyes.” When was the last time someone said that about a man running for President?

Her Smile Is “Average”


Secretary of State, Clinton has also been criticized for having an “average smile” and for not smiling often enough. Honestly, we’re not too sure what that means! We think it’s pretty likely that Hillary is less focused on her smile and more focused on becoming the next President of the United States!

A Reporter Compared Her to a Dog

HClinton 18

An editor at “The Washington Post” once said that Hillary Clinton needs to wear a shock collar so that her aides can “shock her anytime she gets screechy or off point… like you do with a dog.” Women are not dogs, and it’s definitely not okay that he said this about her — whether or not he’s a fan!

She’s Either Too Emotional or Too Cold

HClinton 11

Women are often stereotyped as having very volatile emotions. Whether or not that’s true, Secretary Clinton has certainly been a victim of the rumor! Several reporters have called her “icy,” or even “hysterical.”

Unfortunately, that’s not even the worst of it. Up next is some more outlandish criticism!

Supposedly, She’s Mentally Ill

HClinton 15

Some have taken their claims about female emotions a bit too far by claiming that Hillary Clinton is mentally ill. Reporters for CNN and The New York Times have argued that Clinton appears to be “depressed,” “taking meds,” or even “suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder.” None of these reporters have medical degrees!

“Even Though She’s a Woman”

HClinton 4

It’s pretty common to hear news reporters claim that Clinton is tough, smart, or strong, “even though she’s a woman.” The very structure of this argument is sexist in and of itself, especially when you consider that there’s no scientific proof showing that women are any less tough, smart, or strong than men!

Some Think She’s Gay

HClinton 10

It’s 2016. Gay marriage is legal. So, even if Hillary Clinton WERE gay, it probably wouldn’t matter all that much! Still, that doesn’t stop the media from claiming she is secretly a lesbian who is dating her longtime aide, Huma Abedin. Never mind the fact that both of them are married to men!

Her Success Is Due to Her Husband

HClinton 22

Reporters with ties to BOTH major political parties have stated that Hillary Clinton is only successful because of who her husband is. Rush Limbaugh even said that “Hillary Clinton would be irrelevant if her name was Hillary Smith,” and ABC’s Charles Gibson asked her if she would “even be a presidential candidate if it weren’t for [her] husband?”

Offensive Slurs

HClinton 20

Sometimes, men don’t like feeling like a woman is smarter or more accomplished than they are. So, they attack her in the easiest way they know how, by calling her a word also used to descibe a female dog. Hillary has been referred to by the slur countless times in her life, but most recently by Republican commentator Glenn Beck. He’s said some other nasty stuff about her too… That’s coming up!

She’s Been Erased From Photos

HClinton 14

This iconic photograph was taken the night of the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden. It clearly shows Hillary Clinton, as well as another woman, staying close to the President while waiting to hear news on the search for the world’s most notorious terrorist. But, in many publicized versions of the photo, Clinton and the other woman are completely erased! Apparently, reporters thought the people couldn’t handle seeing women with so much power.

Lady Macbeth: a Shakespearian Insult

HClinton 5

This may be the most ridiculous incidence of sexism on our list! When asked about staying healthy on the campaign trail, Secretary Clinton responded that she makes a point to wash her hands a lot. A Reporter from “The Weekly Standard” used this information to compare her to Lady Macbeth and say that she is just trying to wash the bloodstains off her hands.

Glenn Beck Called Her Manly

HClinton 19

Glenn Beck can’t seem to stop himself from making fun of Secretary Clinton! In addition to calling her a dog-related slurs, he has compared her to a man. He says he can “just imagine” her shaving her face and smoking a cigarette in the mornings before heading off to work… Harsh!

He’s not the only one who has called her manly, though. Keep reading to learn more!

She Has to Prove She’s a

HClinton 8

News Columnist Peggy Noonan once said that Clinton, “doesn’t have to prove she’s a man. She has to prove she’s a woman … She has to prove she has normal human warmth, a normal amount of give, of good nature, that she is not, at bottom, grimly combative and rather dark.” You know what they say… you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t!

The Debate Dominatrix

HClinton 13

“New York Times” columnist Maureen Dowd frequently called Hillary Clinton masculine, and even once referred to her as the “manliest presidential candidate.” She also referenced the Secretary’s supposed sexual preferences by calling her the “debate dominatrix.” Since when has a candidate’s likes and dislikes in the bedroom been a part of a presidential campaign?

Her Chest Is Fair Game

HClinton 16

In July 2007, “The Washington Post” published an entire feature article about Hillary Clinton’s neckline! They explained that she seemed to be “exploring new territory” by allowing her cleavage to show. They even compared some of her outfits to “catching a man with his fly unzipped.”

“The Washington Post” isn’t the only news outlet with a fascination around Hillary’s breast! Keep reading to learn more.

Her Chest Actually Gets a Lot of Coverage

HClinton 12

MSNBC once dedicated six segments to Hillary’s breasts IN ONE DAY! Though most of the stories were about her cleavage, at least a few discussed the discrepancies between news coverage of male and female politicians. We can’t help but wonder if her male colleagues get the same amount of attention for their clothing choices!

“Women Are Inferior to Men”

HClinton 9

In a “Washington Post” article, reporter Charlotte Allen used Hillary Clinton to argue that women are inferior to men. She gave several examples, none of which made much sense, but she very publicly (and loudly) defended her writing. Not only was this pretty strange coming from another woman, it was downright sexist!

Apparently, Her Period Makes Her Unfit to Serve

HClinton 17

Finishing us off is the all-too-common belief that Hillary Clinton isn’t qualified to be President because she could have her period while on the job! Mark Rudov pointed out the unpredictable nature of women’s “PMS and mood swings” on “The O’Reilly Factor,” but last we checked, that was just part of being a woman!